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Miley Cyrus’ 10 Biggest Scandals

From leaked photos to accusations of racism, here are the former Disney starlet’s most controversial, image-shifting moments

She can’t stop. Miley Cyrus has been courting controversy since she was barely a teen – morphing from the biggest Disney star of her era to pop’s most scandalous It Girl. Over the last decade, she has shrewdly threaded her biggest headlines into her persona – although that approach has backfired along the way. As she prepares her next musical era, here is a look back at the singer-actress’ most jaw-dropping moments.

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August 2009: Pole Dancing at Teen Choice Awards

Shortly before releasing her third studio album Can’t Be Tamed (the title says it all), the firebrand made her boldest statement yet about her burgeoning sexuality. At the 2009 Teen Choice Awards, she sang “Party in the U.S.A.,” the mega-hit which launched her into full-fledged pop stardom, gyrating on a pole atop an ice cream cart. Those provocative moves and pelvic thrusts weren’t exactly a striptease, but still sparked a widespread debate about how appropriate the performance was for an underage star. Disney refused to comment on the controversy at the time.

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December 2010: Salvia Video

Before her 18th birthday, Cyrus was in the midst of a career makeover. Her Can’t Be Tamed album was a raucous, rock-leaning LP which showcased her edgy new style and unapologetic attitude. Just five days after becoming a legal adult, she was filmed taking a bong hit of salvia, an herb noted for its psychedelic qualities, as Bush’s “Comedown” plays in the background. The video appeared to be leaked by someone who stole or copied the clip from her friend’s camera.

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August 2013: Twerking and Grinding on Robin Thicke

After Can’t Be Tamed didn’t quite catapult her to Britney Spears-level superstardom, Cyrus went for broke: Her long hair was dyed blonde and chopped into a punk pixie, she adapted an outlandish, barely-there wardrobe and, on the musical front, infused hip-hop into her musical sound on Bangerz. The coming out party for this New Miley was her now-iconic, career-making performance of “We Can’t Stop” at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. With her tongue out and wearing a skin-baring onesie, Cyrus – whose appropriation of rap and stoner culture was complicated at best – twerked across the stage before being joined by Robin Thicke, and later, Kendrick Lamar. With Thicke, she stripped down further to a nude latex bra and panty set before grinding on the much older singer.

Jesse Helt, Miley Cyrus

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August 2014: VMA Date’s Jail Sentence

Cyrus returned to the VMAs a year later for a much more subdued appearance as a major nominee, including Video of the Year for “Wrecking Ball.” This time, she decided to use the massive platform for good, and had Jesse Helt, a formerly homeless young man, accept the night’s top award on her behalf. At the podium, Helt spoke about issues pertaining to youth homelessness during a touching speech as Cyrus cried in the audience. But the charitable act backfired when Helt’s criminal record came to light soon after the show: He had been arrested in 2010 for breaking and entering an apartment in Oregon, and violated his probation by leaving the state to pursue his artistic dreams in California. He was eventually sentenced to six months in jail.

May 2017: Remarks on Rap Music

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May 2017: Remarks on Rap Music

In the years following Bangerz, Cyrus continued to settle into life as a public figure, toying with her image, dropping a free, experimental album Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz in 2015, and spending time with her on-and-off fiance Liam Hemsworth. In May, she announced her planned musical return, once again shedding her recent past. While hinting at a more rootsy, country-infused sound during an interview with Billboard, Cyrus controversially took aim at modern hip-hop, accusing the genre (which she once loved) of being too misogynistic and flashy.  “I can’t listen to that anymore. That’s what pushed me out of the hip-hop scene a little. It was too much ‘Lamborghini, got my Rolex, got a girl on my cock’ — I am so not that.” Cyrus later responded via Instagram by defending her comments

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