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Marijuana Edibles: Wiz and Wavves’ Space Cake Odyssey

Two of music’s most committed stoners try the strongest weed treats we could find

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Cat Roid; Marc Hom

Wiz Khalifa remembers smoking weed for the first time with a friend in the bathroom at his uncle's house. "I was tripping out," he says. "I felt like a fly with a thousand eyes. Every time I blinked, I blinked one thousand times. I told everybody: "'Yo, I'm freaking out, man.'"

Wavves' Nathan Williams, meanwhile, got high for the first time off a bong in middle school. "I got too high – really paranoid. I was like 'Oh shit,'" he says. But they've both gotten used to it. "I wake up and smoke weed," Williams admits. Adds Khalifa, "On a regular day I can probably smoke a whole ounce to myself." For Rolling Stone's weed issue, the duo faced off in a battle of the strongest space cakes we could find, from cake pops to Melt in Your Mind Pecan Pies. Here are the results.

Chocolope OG Cake Pop

TS Pfeffer/Pier-pictures.com

Chocolope OG Cake Pop

Nathan Williams: Really good – not much of a cannabis taste at all. I would eat it regularly if I could. I went to bed and woke up the next morning still high.

Wiz Khalifa: The whole weed cake thing? I'm totally with it. The icing and the cake is so good that it's like a little weed surprise. You get a pretty woozy, loopy body high, but at the same time you feel good and in the game.

O.G. Bar

TS Pfeffer/Pier-pictures.com

O.G. Bar

Nathan: Chocolate with Rice Krispies on the inside. Tasty! It just had a big like warning sign saying "Keep out of reach of children." I split it with my bass player before a college show. It got me super-high and tired. I was ready to take a nap.

Wiz: It made my body feel like fudge – like I was melting all over the pavement. I felt it more in my legs and in my feet; that was probably the more fudgy part down there. It kicked in at the airport. I was really bugging out, and nobody knew it. It's better than eating straight chocolate – a really good way to eat your weed and not over-chocolatize.

Melt in Your Mind Pecan Pie

TS Pfeffer/Pier-pictures.com

Melt in Your Mind Pecan Pie

Nathan: I think it's the strongest one of all. But I only ended up eating two bites because I didn't like the taste. Apparently, I'm not a pecan pie fan.

Wiz: It's super tight. I was skeptical: "They might be trying to lay some experimental shit on me." But the goodness of the pie made me forget that I was eating weed and just focus on bugging out. It hit me crazy strong. I watched a low-budget weed movie called Budz House and laughed my ass off.

Butterscotch Bar

TS Pfeffer/Pier-pictures.com

ODM Butterscotch Bar

Nathan: Way too sweet. You don't always need to mask the taste of weed. Plus, I've been smoking for so long, I often don't feel the effects of edibles. Sometimes it can just compliment whatever the food is.

Wiz: I ate it at the studio and just started seeing shit. I just thought I was going to eat the weed treats and chill out, but every time I heard a beat I was pretty much like inspired to write to it. I ended up recording five songs – hooks, verses, ideas – all thanks to the weed treats.

Rosebud weed pretzels

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Rosebud Pretzels

Nathan: They're just weed pretzel sticks from this dispensary called Green Earth. I'm actually eating some right now. They look exactly like Rold Gold stick pretzels, and taste exactly like them. Really good.

Wiz: I'm no fun because I hate pretzel sticks because they make your mouth too dry.

caramel corn weed food

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Grandma’s Edibles Caramel Corn

Nathan: I ate that whole bag in one sitting during the playoffs. I think it's supposed to be shared between like five people. It got me pretty high – that was the shit.

Wiz: I'm really, really particular: I hate getting popcorn in my teeth. That's the worst. So when it comes to weed popcorn, I kinda stay away from that, because I don't even eat regular popcorn.

Med strips

TS Pfeffer/Pier-pictures.com

Med Strips

Nathan: They're supposed to be mint THC mint strips, but they kind of taste like really thin, minty Airheads. It was just like taking a pill – you just like let it dissolve on your tongue and then it creeps up on you in 20 minutes. It’s the most straightforward, I suppose.

Wiz: I didn't get to the mint strips, man. We have a lot of weed shit in the house, you know how it is. Yeah, I'm gonna be responsible and go home and put it in my body, and then we'll hit you guys up tonight so you guys can finish it up. [Ed. Note: we never heard back from Wiz]