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Manhattan Madness: Backstage Photos of Skaters

Go backstage with the New York post-punks at their album-release show

Nicole Fara Silver

New York City band Skaters celebrated the release of their debut, Manhattan, with a hometown gig at the Bowery Ballroom on February 24th and offered Rolling Stone an exclusive peek behind the scenes. Michael Ian Cummings, Josh Hubbard, Noah Rubin and Dan Burke even agreed to write the following captions.

"How many Skaters does it take to put a decal on a kick drum? Apparently three. This is a new decal we made for the Bowery show. It's a picture from the insert of our record. Day of show is always filled with this sort of last-minute stuff. These are the little things that occupy a band's time." 

Nicole Fara Silver

Banner Day

"This banner showed up at the venue day of show. We ordered it on the Internet and didn't really know what to expect until it arrived. Turns out it's huge, 20 feet wide, and actually a pretty comfy bed."

Nicole Fara Silver

Kick, Push

"Here's Noah finding new ways to entertain himself. Can't remember what kind of trick was being pulled here. Some kind of 360? This is also a demonstration of how drummers break their arms like in That Thing You Do."


Nicole Fara Silver

Low Tech

"Here's our guitar tech making sure that everything is just right. . .oh wait! Nope, that Josh, right, we don't have guitar techs."

Nicole Fara Silver

Brooklyn Brotherhood

"Just talking shop with the So So Glos boys. The conversation went something like, 'Sweet ax, man!' 'Oh! Why thank you!'"

Nicole Fara Silver

Pizza Underground

"A video of our pizza crawl from, where we traveled around New York City eating a bunch of famous slices and pies. As you can see, Dan cracked his phone in a fit of rage."

Nicole Fara Silver

The Glamorous Life

"This is what backstage looks like 80 percent of the time: changing strings, folding zines, checking and making guest lists. Very surprised that there are no pizza boxes in this photo."

Nicole Fara Silver

Zine Scene

"This is a picture of Josh pasting DMT perfume packets into our zine Yonks. The second edition smelled amazing, exactly like the mind bending drug DMT. There are still a few copies left out there."

Nicole Fara Silver


"Dan and Noah are clearly writing a new installation of their memoirs. Or maybe they are drawing dicks and on I forget."


Nicole Fara Silver

Close Quarters

"Here's the Skaters family checking out a great chicken tikka masala recipe online. Everyone looks very interested."

Nicole Fara Silver

High Strung

"Mic changing the strings on Josh's guitar with help from manager Nick Bobetsky (guitar string wizard). That guitar was custom made by Jimmy Cobra from Caveman for the band."

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