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Love Me Two Times: 20 Greatest Two-Hit Wonders of All Time

Here today, here a second time, gone tomorrow

Tim Roney/Getty Images; Peter Noble/Redferns; Tim Roney/Getty Images

The term "one-hit wonder" is thrown around derisively, aimed at artists whose pop success were a bit too evanescent – how else could we rationalize Kajagoogoo and Lou Bega to future generations? Here's 20 artists who managed to stick around a little longer. By Keith Harris and Maura Johnston

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1. Men Without Hats

"Safety Dance" (1983, Number Three) and "Pop Goes the World" (1987, Number 20)

Let other new-wavers moon about nuclear war or impersonate post-apocalyptic pirates – these Montreal goofs bucked the zeitgeist with chirpy utopian glee. To hear Ivan Doroschuk sing of it, "The Safety Dance" wasn't just a (somewhat hazily defined) way of moving your body, it was a (no less hazily defined) way of life. The even sprightlier "Pop Goes the World" was the tale of Johnny and Jenny, a pair who form a synth-pop band and remake our culture in their own adorable image. The keyboard hook was so infectious that the most aggro meathead might wish this twee fantasy was a reality.

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