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Kurt Cobain Tributes: Living in Nirvana

Friends, loved ones, bandmates, young admirers, Seattle colleagues and more honor Kurt’s life and legacy

kurt cobain

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In many ways, Nirvana were the sum of decades of groundbreaking music: early Beatles, Seventies punk, Eighties alternative. Nirvana were a band that generated omnidirectional, multigenerational goodwill, so it's fitting that these 15 tributes come from artists as different as CCR hero John Fogerty and rising indie-rock star Bethany Cosentino. As Rivers Cuomo says, summing up the awe Nirvana still inspire, "I was just so in love with the music that it made me feel sick."

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John Fogerty

Frozen in Time

It's weird how we take hold of certain music. We adopt it, we fall in love with it, we own it. In the case of Nirvana, it was millions of us that owned it. It's as if they're immortal, as if they never go away. When you think about what a great record Nevermind is, it seems kind of frozen in time. Maybe it's because I have a few years on me. You tend to look at these great big manifestations in our lives and in our culture with a really appreciative view. It's almost cinematic that they live on. I was never blessed to see Nirvana live. But sometimes it feels as if you could just turn a switch ever so slightly and Kurt would be still here with us and those guys would still be playing.

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