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Justin Bieber’s Wild Decline: A Timeline

From the top of the charts to the back of a squad car, a look at how the superstar has unraveled

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The recent news of Justin Bieber's arrest in Miami for allegedly driving while under the influence and drag racing didn't, sadly, come as much of a surprise. The pop star has been frequently acting erratically – and perhaps illegally – for the better part of a year now. We tracked the lowest of the low moments. 

By Hazel Cills

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November 2013: Bedtime in Brazil

In Brazil, Justin Bieber was caught on camera allegedly sneaking out of a popular brothel in a totally awesome and not attention-grabbing at all disguise: a sheet. But the Brazilian hijinks didn't end there. Shortly afterwards, a video surfaced of Bieber, cuddled under a blanket, sleeping in bed. According to Bieber's crew, the photo was taken by a girl who "overstayed her welcome at his afterparty." The rest of the universe may beg to differ.


November 2013: More Monkey Troubles

What's a meltdown without a bit of racist graffiti, right? Ever the monkey fan, Bieber posted a photo to his Instagram of him spray-painting a questionable-looking monkey (decked out in gold chains) on a building. "This is my escape," he captioned the photo but many critics wondered if his escape was hella racist. 

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December 2013: Justin Calls It Quits

After a long, long career of, oh, five years, Justin Bieber announced via Twitter that he was "retiring." He'd already accomplished so much: three albums, two tours, puberty, megastardom. Best to end things before the inevitable decline, right?

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January 2014: Eggs, Drugs, and Butts

Early into his "retirement," Bieber did what any young star with free time on his hands and millions of dollars in his bank account would do: egg some houses. A neighbor called the cops, (because of course you egg the house of someone living next door), and the fuzz raided Bieber's house. They found weed and other drugs, the latter being linked to the star's latest friend Lil Za, whom he recently mooned on Instagram.

Nathan Denette/The Canadian Press/AP Images

January 2014: Canucklehead

Just a week after his Miami arrest, Bieber was back in the news. During a trip to his native Canadian soil, Bieber turned himself in to Toronto authorities and was charged in the assault of a limo driver that occurred in December, after the singer and some friends had attended a Maple Leafs hockey game. The pop star was given notice to appear in court on March 10th. 

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January 2014: Massive Fail

January was just a plain bad month for Justin Bieber. Capping his horrible start to 2014, the troubled icon saw police documents surface alleged he was under the influence of alcohol, pot and Xanax when he was arrested during his road racing adventure in Miami earlier in the month. This came after his lawyer had entered a "not guilty" plea in response to the charges of DUI, resisting arrest and driving with an expired license. 

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February 2014: Bieber Go Home!

Not only was Bieber struggling with judicial court issues, it appeared that he was losing in the court of public opinion, too. A WhiteHouse.gov online petition to deport the Canadian singer had become the second-largest petition in the site's history, earning 262,817 signatures. Only 100,000 signatures are needed to earn a response from the White House. The President, to his credit, has remained mum on the matter, but earlier in February, the First Lady advised Bieber's mother to be "very present in his life right now."

Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg via Getty Images

February 2014: Flying High

Apparently people deal with flying anxiety in all sorts of ways: During a flight from Canada to New Jersey, Bieber and his father, Jeremy, allegedly ignored a pilot's request to stop smoking marijuana. A source told CNN that flight crew members donned oxygen masks because they didn't want to be test positive for drugs upon landing. With reported antics like this, maybe Bieber wants to be deported. 

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