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Johnny Cash’s 11 Coolest Cover Songs

From Soundgarden howlers to U2 ballads, Rolling Stone Country counts down 11 of the Man in Black’s most badass covers

Johnny Cash is arguably country music’s most cited influence by younger artists, but Cash wasn’t above being influenced himself. He was forever a student of music, always listening for songs that moved him, be they country or otherwise. Cash would even record his own versions of the songs, from the country-rock of the Stones‘ “No Expectations” to the poignant coda of Nine Inch Nails‘ “Hurt.” Here are the Man in Black’s 11 coolest covers.

Johnny Cash

‘Hurt’ (Nine Inch Nails)

Cash's most famous cover, recognized by MTV for its haunting music video, "Hurt" has become synonymous with the Country Music Hall of Famer's final days. Frail, hollow-eyed and shaking in the video, those same tremors are felt in his vocal delivery. It is the sound of resignation.