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John Doe: My 5 Favorite Desert Songs

X frontman on Neko Case, Calexico and other favorites

John Doe: My Five Favorite Desert Songs

X frontman John Doe discusses five songs that remind him of the desert and influenced his new LP.

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John Doe is best known as a first-generation L.A. punk, but he's been exploring Americana for almost as long as he's been fronting X. The singer-songwriter spoke to Rolling Stone about five tracks that inspired his moody, folky new solo album, The Westerner. "All these songs influenced my new record," Doe says. "They have the same distance, silence and reverb that remind you of the desert."

Friends of Dean Martinez, “Siempre Que”

This is an instrumental band. This song gives you that feeling of driving through the desert, looking out and seeing all that emptiness. That emptiness appeals to me.

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