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J. Cole’s One-Dollar Show: Behind the Scenes in New York

North Carolina MC captions his evening and explains why Jay Z’s ‘Reasonable Doubt’ is remembered as a classic

J Cole, The Highline Ballroom, June 15th, 2014

Alex Pines

Last week, J. Cole brought his second annual Dollar and a Dream tour to New York, playing an almost-free Highline Ballroom gig for fans willing to wait a few hours on the street. Cole tweeted the location in the afternoon and rewarded those who came by playing tracks from his break-out mixtape, 2009's The Warm-Up.

A few days later, after seeing the photos Rolling Stone shot, Cole added captions to the final images: "Me. Probably stressed because we picked a venue that was too small. Wanted all these shows to be super intimate, but 7,000 people in line compared to 800 person capacity = fuck."

J Cole, The Highline Ballroom, June 15th 2014

Alex Pines

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"The next show, fans waiting in line for their turn to rap along. Western Beef is hot! Like, "What the fuck is goin on outside our store?" "J. who?"

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