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Inside Miguel’s ‘Easy Rider’ Chic

Stylish singer-songwriter shares his on-the-road essentials

Inside Miguel's 'Easy Rider' Chic

Miguel shows off essential clothes and accessories from his personal collection.

Christaan Felber for Rolling Stone

Miguel served up a unique blend of psychedelic soul and sultry rock & roll swagger on 2015's daring Wildheart. This year, the Grammy-winning SoCal singer-songwriter has been keeping up the momentum, touring the international festival circuit and writing nonstop while on the road. In the past two months he's released "How Many," a demo in support of the Black Lives Matter movement – followed by "Cadillac," a glittering dance track for Baz Luhrmann-directed Netflix series The Get Down, as well as a seductive wink of a summer jam, "Come Through and Chill."

Unsurprisingly, Miguel is as adventurous in style as he is in song. He kept the audience rapt during a downpour at the 2016 Governors Ball, clad in a Mexican sarape, Rolex and shredded white jeans. Rolling Stone caught up with him later on at New York's Bowery Hotel, where he showed off some staples from his wardrobe and discussed his sartorial philosophy. "My style is Venice Beach meets East L.A.: Easy Rider chic," he told RS. "I like whatever is authentic to who I am and where I'm from. … I like to feel as comfortable and as free as possible."

Christaan Felber for Rolling Stone


"Those aren't mine – those are the hotel's. I just requested that we have them in the room. Routine for me is super important, and I happen to be very extreme. I'm an extremist. Finding a way to keep the routine is important to me, and it helps with my sanity, which helps everyone on tour with me [laughs]."

Christaan Felber for Rolling Stone

Pamela Love Dagger Rosary Necklace in Silver and Rings

"I wear these same four rings every day.  [The rosary] is based on a piece that Pamela Love already makes, but I had it made in silver. I actually want a gold one now! I love all her pieces, she's amazing. She's always been super supportive."

Christaan Felber for Rolling Stone

1986 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Watch

"I'm not at all a collector or super knowledgeable about watches, but I always wanted a Rolex. I still grew up with hip-hop and I think, as far as a man and his timepiece, [it's] important. I actually got a silver one at first, an all-titanium Oyster Perpetual, because I didn't like gold for a long time. When I saw the two-tone with the white face, I just fell in love with it and that was it. It's a very limited piece because it's got the actual numbers on it instead of Roman numerals. So yeah. It probably has the wrong time and date though, that's how much I use it."

Christaan Felber for Rolling Stone

Gold Teeth

"I didn't always like gold because, growing up really modest and without money, I never put importance in showy displays of one's means. You know what I mean? But I started to realize that it wasn't about a showy display; it was just about taste and appreciating the beauty in things. I think my perspective shifted. It didn't represent showing what I had anymore; it just represented showing what I liked. I have a very specific taste. I may have a couple options, but I'm not very lavish. I like nice things, but I take care of those nice things. And I think for who I am, that works for me."

Christaan Felber for Rolling Stone

“Art Dealer Chic,” “Wild” Tattoos

"It's a line from my song 'Adorn,' but also, 'Art Dealer Chic' is a philosophy. It's about the history of the art dealer in culture. The art dealers were the ones deciding what would be relevant and what was worth buying, you know? That, then, affects what we see in museums and what trickles down through history. It all starts with the art dealer. If you take that concept and realize that your life is your own to curate, you are the art dealer of your own life and you decide what is relevant in your life, especially now."

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