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Inside Bryan Adams’ New Photography Book, ‘Exposed’

The rock singer shares his second career as a shutterbug

Bryan Adams

Photography by Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams may be best known forever as the singer behind 1984's coming-of-age rock classic "Summer of '69." For over a decade, though, when he hasn't been rocking out, Adams has been pulling double-duty as a photographer, capturing stunning shots of musicians, actors and models for a slew of high-profile publications.

Now some of his best shots – including ones of Mick Jagger, Morrissey and Amy Winehouse – have been compiled in his first book, Bryan Adams Exposed. Still, the multi-talented artist remains modest. "I'm not quitting the day job," he says. Click through to see some of the book's finest photos.


Photography by Bryan Adams

Pink Basks in the Sunlight

On a sun-drenched day in Los Angeles in 2006, Adams asked the pop star to change the location of the shoot, moving her to an upstairs area where the sunlight was better. "I just looked at Pink and said, 'Let's go upstairs,'" he recalls. As for how she ended up topless? "I dunno," he adds, laughing. "It just happened."

Lindsey Lohan

Photography by Bryan Adams

Lindsey Lohan Vamps

Before the actress got on all fours and gazed seductively at Adams, Lindsay Lohan had already completed a photo shoot with him in New York on that same day in 2007. "I said, 'Maybe we should do another,'" Adams remembers. Lohan agreed, lit a cigarette, slipped on red stilettos and got down in a tiger-like crouch. "She's great to work with," he adds. "Really easy."


Photography by Bryan Adams

Morrissey in Repose

On a 2005 morning in Rome, Morrissey was prepping for a photo shoot with Adams when the photographer caught him out on a balcony, deep in a moment of contemplation. "At the time, I was shooting with a Rolleiflex camera, which is really quiet," Adams explains. "I don't know if he knew I was starting. I saw [the moment] and it was there. It seemed like a beautiful picture."

Amy Winehouse

Photography by Bryan Adams

Amy Winehouse Revs Up

A close friend and frequent photography subject of Adams, Amy Winehouse visited him and his family over Christmas 2007 on the private Caribbean island of Mustique. One day was spent teaching Winehouse how to drive. "Luckily, the Land Rover had a hand brake," Adams says with a chuckle. "The concept of braking wasn't something that Amy could quite grasp." Winehouse also graces the book's back cover.

Pete Doherty

Photography by Bryan Adams

Pete Doherty Dresses to Impress

In 2006, Adams learned that Pete Doherty's band, the Libertines, were playing in a parking lot in London. "I couldn't get anywhere near him," he recalls. "But just for a second, he wandered off and went and grabbed his hat and put it on," giving the photographer enough time to snap a candid. "I just happened to be right there," he says. "I don't think he even knew."

Billy Idol

Photography by Bryan Adams

Billy Idol Enjoys the Trailer Life

"As sweet as a nut." That's how Adams describes the notoriously difficult Billy Idol, with whom the photographer spent an entire day in 2008. The two camped out in a Fifties-style Airstream trailer; in one instance, Adams caught the punk rocker swigging a cold one. "It was like Billy's own trailer park," he recalls.

Ninja & Yo-Landi Vi$$er, Die Antwoord

Photography by Bryan Adams

Die Antwoord Get Down and Dirty

In 2010, Adams took Ninja and Yo-Landi Visser, the core members of South African shock-rap duo Die Antwoord, to an abandoned New York alley. He also brought along four-legged extras. "I hired some rats," he says, explaining one's guest-starring role in a shot of the duo. "It was totally planned."

Lana Del Rey

Photography by Bryan Adams

Lana Del Rey Reflects

Only days after her much-scrutinized performance on Saturday Night Live, Lana Del Rey stepped into a room full of mirrors that Adams had constructed for her at his London residence. He hoped the set would show "something so beautiful being reflected so many times." As he explains, "Del Rey was quite upset by the criticism people had poured on her, but it was soon washed away when my baby walked in the room."

Mick Jagger

Photography by Bryan Adams

Mick Jagger Lets Loose

"Mick is the greatest frontman of all time," Adams says, reflecting on his 2008 photo session in New York with the 69-year-old Rolling Stones singer. "There's nobody better. He wants you to capture him. There's never a moment of resistance. A lot of people in the music business could learn from him."