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Indie Rock & Roll Over: The Alternative Nineties’ Obsession With Kiss

From Nirvana to Weezer to Nine Inch Nails, Kiss were in everyone’s garage

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Ginny Winn/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

In songs like "Do You Love Me," Kiss proudly flaunted the limousines, private planes, and seven-inch leather heels that the unlikely stars of the alternative rock Nineties came to destroy. Yet, Kiss' particular brand of pyrotechnics-heavy bombast affected these Seventies babies early and often. The result was in the most image-shunning rock movement of the millennium embracing the most image-savvy band in rock history. Here are 20 examples of the alternative era proudly showing off their Kiss Army patches – or destroying them completely. By Christopher R. Weingarten

Oblivions Kick Your Ass

Courtesy of Sympathy for the Record Industry

1996: Garage Punks the Oblivions Pay Tribute to ‘Hotter Than Hell’ for the Cover of Their ‘Kick Your Ass’ Single