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Graham Nash’s Photographs

Shots of Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and more on display this month at the Morrison Hotel Gallery

Graham Nash, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Crosby, Stills and Nash

Graham Nash/Morrison Hotel Gallery

Graham Nash, whose photographs are being displayed at the Morrison Hotel Gallery this month, was in love with photography even before he got into music. "I took a portrait of my mother when I was 11," he says. "That was the moment when I knew that I saw differently. This wasn't just a snapshot of my mother – I captured a person far away in thought. I've wanted to capture people ever since." Nash has been touring the world every since the Hollies broke big 50 years ago, and he usually brought his camera with him. Here are 10 amazing photographs from the past five decades, and the stories behind them. 

Stephen Stills, San Francisco, CA 1969

Graham Nash/Morrison Hotel Gallery

Stephen Stills, San Francisco 1969

"This is during the making of Déja Vu. We're in the Caravan Lodge Motel, and we'd all rented these funky, funky rooms, because it was in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco, and it was only two blocks from Wally Heider's studio, which is where we were making the album. Neil had rented a room and had two bush babies living with him, with giant big eyes. And Stephen's room was next door, and I was talking to him one day about the fact that we didn't have an opener for the album, like how 'Suite: Judy Blue Eyes' was the opener for the first CSN record. We wanted something that will entice the listener to continue listening. And I told Steve,  'We don't have that.' And he goes, 'Yeah, you're right, let me think about that.' And the very next day he came he said, 'Hey, Willy, listen to this . . . ' And he played me 'Carry On.'"

Hearts Desire, Graham Nash

Graham Nash/Morrison Hotel Gallery

Hearts Desire

"About three years ago I was in a CVS. I'm standing at the checkout counter, and I realized that they had very carefully put all the candy for children right there at children's height – not at adults' height, but at children's height. I began to think that perhaps we were conditioning our children to consume these tiny, shiny, lovely little candy things, which then prepare them for taking nice, shiny little Viagra pills and Lipitor and all this stuff. And in thinking about that process I composed that picture."

Kinski, Graham Nash

Graham Nash/Morrison Hotel Gallery


"That's my daughter's boyfriend at that time. His name is Kenny Rodriguez. He's a musician with a band. They are unbelievable, fucking fantastic. They have such incredible energy, it's fabulous. And I took that shot of him, and I fucked around with it in PhotoShop so that I could bring out the energy of his band."

Everybody's Work Is Equally As Important, Graham Nash

Graham Nash/Morrison Hotel Gallery

Everybody’s Work Is Equally Important

"I was walking down one of the main streets in Boston around 2005 and I saw this shop window. There was that hand-painted sign that said, 'Everybody's work is equally important.' I thought it was such an incredible thing for someone to say and such an incredible thing to show in a shop window. I mean, you're supposed to show the latest styles and 'buy this and buy that' and shit, but this wasn't that. And I thought it was important enough to make the image."

Dennis Hopper, Kentucky Derby 2002

Graham Nash/Morrison Hotel Gallery

Dennis Hopper, Kentucky Derby 2002

"In 2002, I took my wife to the Kentucky Derby for our anniversary. It was May 4th. Obviously, people knew who I was, and we had great seats. Dennis Hopper was sitting behind us. Now, I'm not a betting man, but I looked through the things and I saw a horse called War Emblem. We were right in the middle of the Afghanistan war, and I thought, 'War Emblem, fuck, I'll put a hundred dollars on that . . . ' Well, the bloody thing won! I won about $2000 for a hundred-dollar bet. Dennis played the same horse. And that's the moment he realized that he won."

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