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Ghost’s Big Day at the Grammys: A Behind-the-Scenes Look

From the moment they left the hotel to the revelry backstage, the Best Metal Performance trophy recipients show how to win gracefully

Ghost; Grammys; 2016

Ghost give Rolling Stone a tour of their day at the Grammys and revel in their big win.

Photograph by Tergo

"I am remarkably thirsty today, which is a little bit odd considering how much I drank last night," one of the anonymous Nameless Ghouls who plays with frontman Papa Emeritus III in the occult-themed Swedish heavy-metal group Ghost tells Rolling Stone the day after the Grammys. The night before is still a blur. The band had seemed like underdogs when they were nominated in the Best Metal Performance category alongside genre giants like Slipknot and Lamb of God. Ultimately, though, they ended up taking home a trophy honoring their doomy, dramatic single "Cirice," a track off their most recent LP, last year's Meliora.

"We're flying back to Europe now," the Ghoul says. "We're currently on a European tour. So we just made a three-day offshoot for the Grammys. I'm sorry to say it was at the expense of a Polish show that we had to reschedule. Any Polish people reading this, sorry, but we had a lot of fun." He laughs. Asked if he met any interesting celebrities, he laughs again. "Josh Groban came up to us and said he was a fan."

In the slides that follow, the Nameless Ghoul guides Rolling Stone through each step of the group's big day, from departing their tony Hollywood hotel to making paparazzi scratch their heads to scratching their own heads (or what they can of them underneath their masks) when they heard that they had won. "Some awards are downright fucking ugly, but that is definitely a mantelpiece," he says.

Ghost; Grammys; 2016

Jason Kempin/Getty

Ghost Take a Victory Lap to the Backstage Media Room

It's not very heavy. There are definitely other types of awards that are crazy heavy, to the point where, "Are you kidding? No one can carry these home." I've always admired the actual Grammy award, because it looks so beautiful with its little gramophone player. I think it's a beautiful award.

Ghost; Grammys; 2016

Mike Windle/Getty

Papa Emeritus III Tastes Victory

Papa may be taking a drink from his Grammy, but we have other uses for it, too. First off, we're going to put it on the floor and we're going to dance around it. Then I'm going to bring mine with me everywhere I go. If I go to a meeting or dinner, I will put it on the table [laughs]. Honestly, though, I'm going to have it in my home. I'm not super nostalgic. I don't have posters and stuff up in my home, but a gold record is worthy of display and so is a Grammy. It's something that you have out.

We had a few parties that we needed to attend after we won. We eventually ended up at Kendrick Lamar's afterparty. That was the last thing I remember, and then it all went black. The night was very "infused." Let's put it that way.

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