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Geddy Lee Dives Into Rush’s Video Timeline

Hear Geddy’s thoughts on ‘ 2112,’ the Hall of Fame jam and bad haircuts

Geddy Lee of Rush

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Geddy Lee is the first to admit that Rush do not have a great track record when it comes to making music videos, and their track record of picking stylish haircuts and outfits also leaves a bit to be desired. A few weeks ago, he sat down with Rolling Stone to discuss Rush's new live DVD and their future plans. Towards the end, we took out an iPad and showed him 10 Rush videos on YouTube. Sometimes, he looked a little horrified at his videos and haircuts, but he had a lot to say about all of them. Click through to see the videos and hear Geddy's memories. At the end, we also showed him a couple of Rush tribute videos by some super-fans. 


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‘Time Stands Still’ – 1987

"My daughter saw this video for the first time because they featured some of it in [Beyond the Lighted Stage]. She just thought it was hilarious that we were flying through the air. It's such a strange video. This guy was the hot new director at the time, Zbigniew Rybczyński. He layers these things live. We basically hung around this studio for 24 hours, shot after shot. He builds it in-camera. You shoot all these things separately and then he glues them all together. It was just a bizarre day. Aimee Mann was hanging out with us all day and all night. She was such a good sport about the whole thing. 

"This is my hair at its worst. It's a bad 'do. I don't even think we ever really nailed music videos. The funny thing is just watching this giant drum kit flying through the air. It's one thing to see humans. They have a form. But here's this whole drum kit floating through space. Who says we don't have a sense of humor?

"I love Aimee's voice in this song. It's just perfect. It was a very sweet of her to lend herself to it. You can tell these parts towards the end were shot later at night because my beard has grown out. We were there so long!"

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‘Driven’ – 1996

"I love this video. It was directed by Dale Heslip, who is our art director now. He designs all our current tours. This is really his forte. You can see a lot of the stuff that was in the Clockwork Angels tour, you can see a lot of the same influences. A lot of the steampunk. Dale had this idea to do this concept piece. This is recorded in an abandoned hydroelectric plant in Toronto. It was a lot of fun to do. Dale is a kind of quirky and brilliant art director. You can see that at work here. It's funny how much this would suit our current stage set."

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‘Crossroads’ Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Jam – 2013

"This was awesome. This was my favorite part of the whole night, I have to tell you. I was so chilled out by then, and it was so fun to play with all these guys. I could have played that song for 25 minutes. It was great. I can't say enough good things about it. I love that I was just a bass player for most of it. Pratt and I were just holding down the backbeat. Taylor [Hawkins] is on the side. And to meet all these guys and hang with them a little was great. Tom Morello is awesome. The Heart girls are so nice. Dave [Grohl], of course, and Taylor are amazing musicians.

"John Fogerty didn't show up for any of the rehearsals, but he just showed up that night and it was like, 'Oh, hey man.' Chucky D was awesome. You don't expect these guys to be good guys. You don't really know them, but there were no ego trips. Everyone was totally chill. I was talking about it with Alice Cooper last night. He was talking about when he was inducted. We were talking about it on the air and he said it feels like you're in this little club now. Being inducted breaks down all sorts of preconceived notions about each other and you just kind of relax into it. I just kind of felt totally relaxed with this group of people. 

"There were all kinds of songs suggested for the song at the end. For a while, it was going to be a Zeppelin song. And then they asked me my opinion and I said, 'We should do 'Crossroads' since all these blues artists are being inducted.' 'Crossroads' is kind of the transition point from blues into rock and it was instrumental in my career. That's why we put it on our Feedback album, too. I think it was Robbie Robertson who made the call. At the meeting, he stood up and said, 'That's the way to go. 'Crossroads' is a cool song.' It's a great jam song, let's face it."

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‘YYZ’ by 11-Year-Old Fan

"Oh, I've seen this chick! She's amazing! Somebody sent me a new one of this eight-year-old boy playing drums to 'Fly by Night.' You should check it out. . . But this is unbelievable, just unbelievable. It seems insane and inconceivable, yet how sweet. She's got the feet going. Look at her feet go. This is just unbelievable. Crazy, man. I'd love to pat her on the back. Again, this is awesome."

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‘Subdivisions’ by Japanese Rush Tribute Band

"I've never seen this. I guess we should send this to Neil so that he sees there is a reason for us to go back to Japan. He's not in favor of us going there. Wow. They are really getting into it, or are they? It's a good version of it. It's crazy. I don't know what to say about it. Nice job, boys. I'm surprised this group even exists. These guys sure are pretty good. Maybe they would like to tour in our place. Guys, how do you feel about a 40th anniversary tour? They could go out as us. That's funny."

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