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Fiona Apple’s Bad, Bad Girl Moments

The singer’s most memorable outbursts, oddities and music industry rebellions

fiona apple

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It seems that as long as Fiona Apple has been with us, she's been as infamous as she has been famous: tear-streaked interviews, public confessions, punking an entire awards show in a single acceptance speech. All her crazy behavior earned her a rep and at the same time, made her an icon. This week Apple releases the first single off her forthcoming The Idler Wheel, and so we revisit the moments when Fiona's been a bad, bad girl.

By Jessica Hopper

fiona apple

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Her Boyfriend, the Magician

Though Apple has had relationships with other mercurial and famous men (Boogie Nights director Paul Thomas Anderson, Bored to Death-creator Jonathan Ames) it’s her late-Nineties relationship with magician/illusionist David Blaine that was the most curious – the pairing humanized him, and gave her a weird cultural cache; she wasn’t dating a guy in a band, she was dating a guy in an ice block.

fiona apple

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Her Big Mouth

When she starts a sentence with "To be totally honest," it’s redundant. There is no Fiona tamping down how she feels or not answering a journalist’s probing question, even if, as it did in her 1997 Rolling Stone Q&A, it means answering through a veil of her own tears.

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Criminal Video

Though "Criminal" was the fourth single off her multi-Platinum debut, Tidal, it might as well have been the only one – the Mark Romanek-directed video is how the world remembers Apple best: all of 19, lithe and lolling around a poorly lit tract house in her underwear. Controversy ensued – critics assailed the singer for the creepy porn overtones, comic Janeane Garafalo mocked her for being too skinny. In a fit a feminist sedition, Apple claimed she disrobed in order to exploit herself on her own terms, before anyone else had the chance to.