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Every Harry Styles Song, Ranked

He’s built one of the wildest, weirdest songbooks of modern times — from Seventies raunch to epic folk beauty to glam grandeur

Harry Styles Best SongsHarry Styles Best Songs

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Harry Styles dropped his debut solo single “Sign of the Times” five years ago, in 2017. Since then, he’s built one of the wildest, weirdest songbooks of modern times. A brilliant body of work, from a genius singer, songwriter, and performer. And it’s just about to get bigger, since he’s also an evil angel of chaos who never gets tired of wreaking havoc on our lives.

What a songbook: 41 songs, all of them great, from an artist who already rates with the all-time legends. So let’s break it down: every Harry Styles songs ever, ranked and reviewed. No duds here, just gems from bottom to top, so it’s a tribute to every single song. 

Every fan would pick a different list — that’s the whole fun of it. So your list is guaranteed to be different — hell, our list would change from hour to hour, because as with most fans, our favorite tends to be the one we’re listening to right now. So obviously, don’t sweat the order they’re in — these are all songs to celebrate. The words are the point here, not the numbers.

Let’s face it, there are lots of Harries. He’s a pop star. An actor. A scholar of music history. A fashion icon. A dangerous madman who finds his pleasure in getting under our skin and trashing our expectations and dancing on our madness. And honestly, bless him for that. He’s all these things, but as these songs prove, the realest, truest Harry is the one who puts his heart and soul into this music. 

The list includes everything from all three of his solo albums, right up to Harry’s House. We’re also counting songs he’s made a crucial part of his tours, even if they’re not officially released. Sure, this is totally cheating, but otherwise we’d have to leave “Medicine” off the list, which would be a tragedy.

No One Direction tunes — that would be a totally different list. As the old song says, we don’t want a shadow holding us hostage, right?

So let’s make some noise for all 41 of these songs, and the man who brought them into the world. And here’s to the music he’s got in store for the future. Step into the light.

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