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Electric Youth: Behind Wild Cub’s ‘Thunder Clatter’ Video Shoot

Nashville band invites our cameras back to high school

Wild Cub, "Thunder Clatter", Video shoot, Behind the Scenes

Allister Ann

Nashville rockers Wild Cub recently invited Rolling Stone to tag along as they shot their new video for "Thunder Clatter" with director Drew Bourdet in their hometown. "It’s a challenge to make a video that can serve as both a tasteful introduction to the band and a distillation of a lot of the themes on youth," frontman Keegan DeWitt tells RS. "Drew really struck a delicate balance, showing some of the intimate and smaller moments that we hint at throughout the record, but never hitting you over the head. He lays out a long slate of moments, all with a palpable undercurrent and intangible vibration." Here's more commentary from DeWitt on the shoot:

"The director found a high school in the suburbs of Nashville which we all invaded at 7 a.m. to try and steal as much footage as possible as kids ran around and tried to steal looks as to what was happening. For our second setup, we took over the cafeteria. This photo is us trying to grab a picture while a large group of lunch ladies looked at us and whispered in each other's ears."

Wild Cub "Thunder Clatter" video, Behind the Scenes

Allister Ann

Closing Time

"As always, these shoots are a bit on the run. Here we sneak a couple full-band performance takes before the cops try and bust us for making too much noise. Here, I sing the final chorus on the final take of the day," DeWitt tells us.

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