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David Bowie: 25 of Artist’s Most Unforgettable Onscreen Moments

Five decades of star turns and innovative clips from rock’s ultimate video artist

No artist used video as creatively as David Bowie – the cracked actor redefined the idea of interpreting music for the camera. Before MTV existed, he did more than anyone else to invent the music video – and then pushed its boundaries as far as they could go. He took his film career more seriously than other rock singers did, building up a unique body of cinematic work. And his fantastic voyage through 50 years of pop culture took him all over TV, appearing everywhere from morning chat shows to live festivals. From a lifetime in front of the camera, here are 25 of Bowie's most unforgettable onscreen moments. 

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“Lazarus” (2016)

An intensely moving clip – even before we knew it was his goodbye to the world he changed in so many ways. It's full of unforgettable images: Bowie in a sickbed, eyes bandaged, singing, "I've got scars that can't be seen"; Bowie writing at his desk, fighting to stay upright. Bowie wobbling across the floor and locking himself inside the cupboard. "Lazarus" would become a haunting farewell from an artist who never stopped looking for new ways to surprise and challenge us.

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