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Chuck Ragan: In the Studio

Singer-songwriter reveals the process behind his new solo album, ‘Till Midnight’

Chuck Ragan, In Studio

Scott G. Toepfer

Lisa Johnson caught this moment of [multi-instrumentalist] Christopher [Thorn] and I stepping out of the box for a breath of the freshest air Silverlake had to offer.

Scott G. Toepfer


One of the best aspects of working with Thorn is his patience and willingness to explore all options and push all limits. He's always willing to let me follow my instincts and do what I do, but not timid at all to step up and let it be known if I'm getting off-track, losing control or just getting tired.

Lisa Johnson

Fireside Studios

The Thorn family has always made me feel at home at Fireside Studios. The first time I walked away with a record, I walked away with new friends. Always an inspiration, always an honor.

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