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Chuck Berry’s Finest Deep Cuts: 10 Overlooked Gems

Delve deeper into the rock originator’s legacy with a selection of great tracks that goes beyond the huge hits

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Go beyond Chuck Berry's biggest hits with our list of 10 great overlooked tracks.


Chuck Berry‘s peak years of artistic genius produced many classics beyond his
well-known hits. He was still making great recordings in the 1970s and even
the 1980s. Here are 10 obscure must-hear gems from throughout his

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“Wee Wee Hours” (1986)

Chuck idolized Muddy Waters and wanted to play the blues. But he was better at inventing rock & roll. He lives out his original dream, though, on this 1986 live take of the B-side of “Maybelline,” recorded at the 60th birthday concert captured in the documentary Hail, Hail Rock & Roll. Keith Richards leads a band that includes Berry’s original piano man, Johnnie Johnson; Eric Clapton joins on vocals and guitar. Johnson’s right hand swirls in rapture, and Clapton delivers a typically impressive B.B. King-style solo. “Take another one,” Chuck calls out. So Clapton does, unfurling impossibly rapid-fire notes that bend time, then slowing down to show how much sustained double-string bending and bell ringing he – and everyone else – learned from Berry himself.

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