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Celebrating Madonna: The Queen of Pop’s 50 Most Iconic Moments

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Madonna's 50 Most Memorable Moments: 1984 STYLE bracelets

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The Queen of Pop's 50 Most Iconic Moments

Madonna's 50 Most Memorable Moments: 2005: Horse accident

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Madonna Suffers From Horse Accident (2005)

When: August 2005
What: Madonna posed as the lady of her English manor with her husband and children for the August issue of Vogue, but her relationship with horses got a little more complicated after she was thrown from one on the grounds of her Ashcombe estate. She suffered cracked ribs, a broken collarbone and a broken hand in the accident; she rode again for the first time during an October episode of David Letterman's show, and incorporated horse imagery into her 2006 Confessions Tour. She was thrown again in 2009 while riding in the Hamptons, and placed the blame on nearby paparazzi photographers spooking the animal.

Madonna's 50 Most Memorable Moments: 2006: Madonna on cross

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‘Confessions Tour’ (2006)

When: May 21, 2006
What: The image of the crucifix has always played a role in Madonna's art, and she racked up controversy once again on her Confessions Tour by performing "Live to Tell" while suspended from a giant glittery cross. She explained the number as a commentary on the devastation of AIDS in Africa.

Madonna's 50 Most Memorable Moments: 2006: David Banda

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Madonna Adopts David Banda (2006)

When: October 2006
What: Madonna traveled to Malawi and filed papers to adopt a boy she found in an orphanage there named David Banda. The seemingly selfless gesture still attracted criticism: Madonna found her actions questioned after it came to light that David wasn't exactly an orphan (he had a father who at first contested the adoption), and that Malawi had laws requiring residency in the nation before an adopted child could be moved. The adoption wasn't finalized until May 2008. Madonna also started a foundation called Raising Malawi and made a documentary about the plight of the country's orphans called I Am Because We Are.

Madonna's 50 Most Memorable Moments: 2008: Hall of Fame

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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction (2008)

When: March 10, 2008
What: Madonna entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Fellow Michigan native Iggy Pop and the Stooges performed her "Burning Up" and "Ray of Light" at the ceremony, and Justin Timberlake inducted her with a light-hearted speech in which he recalled the star giving him a B-12 shot: "That's what Madonna was and will continue to be for all of us: A shot in the ass when we need it most," Timberlake said.

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‘4 Minutes’ Video (2008)

When: April 2008
What: Madonna hooked up with Justin Timberlake for "4 Minutes," the first video from Hard Candy. Though she often worked with under-the-radar producers and underground dance DJs, Madonna teamed with Timberlake, Timbaland and Pharrell on the album, which saw her exploring a more urban-disco sound.

Madonna's 50 Most Memorable Moments: 2009: Celebration lourdes

Lourdes Films ‘Celebration’ Video (2009)

When: September 1, 2009
What: Madonna watched her eldest daughter morph into her Eighties self. On the set of the video for "Celebration," Lourdes dressed up in Madonna's "Like a Virgin" get-up with jaw-dropping results.

Madonna's 50 Most Memorable Moments: 2009: Sticky and sweet

Photo: IHSE/AFP/Getty

‘Sticky & Sweet’ Tour (2009)

When: September 2, 2009
What: Madonna broke her own record as her Sticky & Sweet trek wrapped after 85 shows: $408 million grossed, more than 3.5 million fans attended and 32 countries hit, according to Live Nation, the tour's producer.

Madonna's 50 Most Memorable Moments: 2009: MJ tribute

Photo: Polk/Getty

Michael Jackson VMA Tribute (2009)

When: September 13, 2009
What: Surprised the crowd at MTV's VMAs in New York by taking the stage as the show opened and delivering an emotional, sobering speech about Michael Jackson and his relationship to herself and fame.

Madonna's 50 Most Memorable Moments: 2009: SNL with GAGA

Photo: Edelson/NBC

‘Saturday Night Live’ with Lady Gaga (2009)

When: October 3, 2009
What: Made a cameo alongside Lady Gaga on Saturday Night Live and convincingly play-fought with her newest protégé while trading barbs like, "What the hell is a disco stick?!"

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