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Blades of Glory: Throwing Knives With Three Sharp Bands at SXSW

Nothing, Future Islands and the So So Glos face off in our inaugural Musicians Knife Throw Down

nothing, so so glos, future islands

Ian Witlen

This SXSW, Rolling Stone organized the first annual SXSW Musicians Knife Throw Down: a competition between three bands to determine which of them had the best knife-throwing skills.

Before the So So Glos arrive at the International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame (on the outskirts of Austin, Texas), members of Future Islands and Nothing gather in the parking lot and discuss whether they needed to move their vans further away from the action.

Ian Witlen


Kyle Kimball serves as the bullseye in some target practice. Overheard from another member of Nothing: "Unfortunately, Kyle is no longer with us."

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