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Billboard Music Awards 2017: 10 Best and Worst Moments

Celine brings the tears, Drake quotes memes and more moments from the annual celebration

It made perfect sense that this commemoration of 2016’s most ubiquitous hitmakers happened in Las Vegas, since the evening did not lack for kitsch. It was a draw between Nicki Minaj and Camilla Cabello over who boasted the most unclothed male dancers, the Chainsmokers’ Andrew Taggart beefily strummed an acoustic guitar and, just as the evening was getting sleepy, Cher and an army of wigs hoofed through “Believe.” Here’s the best and worst of the night.

Imagine Dragons

John Shearer/Getty

WORST: Imagine Dragons Shouts

The American Top Ten is full of white bros affecting hip-hop cadences to show the world that their feelings matter as much as wearing sneakers without socks. When those hip-hop cadences fail, Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds, he can shout. And shout he did. Even worse: Before the performance, he was tasked with leading the moment of silence for Chris Cornell, which seemed like a total tacked-on afterthought instead of the tribute that a performer of that stature deserves.

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