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Best Music Videos of 2012

Kanye, Psy, Pussy Riot and more

psy; gangnam style


Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Hey, sexy lady! We'll give you one guess which video tops our list of the best of 2012. It's been viewed nearly a billion times on YouTube; surely you're one (or 100) of those clicks. There were other great videos released this year too, we swear.

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Tanlines, ‘All of Me’

It's like a musical answer to The Walking Dead, set in a futuristic post-apocalyptic bunker full of the dorkiest senior citizens you ever did see. The old-timers watch this indie synth-pop duo on an old-school black-and-white TV-set, until they're inspired to get up and do their hilariously inept zombie dances. Funny stuff – but when the balding guy takes his solo freestyle flight during the breakdown, it's also bizarrely moving.

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Pussy Riot, ‘Punk Prayer’

A musical happening in a most unusual place: Moscow punk riot grrrls bum-rush the altar at Christ the Savior Cathedral, performing this song to protest the Russian church's collusion with Putin. They get shipped off to prison camps, but this shaky real-time video footage circulates around the world and becomes an international scandal. It's shocking and truly scary to watch. It's also exactly what punk rock was invented for.

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