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Behind the Filth and the Fury: Rarely Seen Sex Pistols Photos

Photographer Dennis Morris chronicled the U.K. punks amidst the chaos of 1977

The Sex Pistols, Sid Vicious

Dennis Morris

Photographer Dennis Morris first captured the attention of the Sex Pistols when Johnny Rotten saw some of the work he'd done with Bob Marley. The punk singer, a huge reggae fan, quickly brought Morris into the fold when the Pistols signed with Virgin in May 1977, and for the next seven months the photographer was constantly by their side, capturing incredibly intimate natural images during the absolute peak of their career. It was a time of madness, drug addiction, infighting and constantly canceled gigs, and Morris caught it all on film. The Bollocks, an exhibition of his work, opened at the Known Gallery in Los Angeles on August 9th and runs through the 23rd. Click through to read the stories behind some of his best photographs. 

The Sex Pistols

Dennis Morris

Sid’s Fall

"I shot this at the side of the stage during a gig in Penzance," says Morris. "It was one of the best gigs they ever did. They had a proper stage and a functioning PA. The crowd was really up for it. Sid suffered from real stage fright. The adulation and hysteria was becoming too much for him. In that photo, he's yelling 'Shut up!' John is looking at him like, 'Oh shit.' That was really Sid's downfall, when he sank more into drugs."