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Behind Christopher Owens’ ‘Nothing More Than Everything to Me’ Video

Exclusive photos (and commentary) from the ex-Girls man, straight from the set of his new clip

chris owens behind the scenes

Erik Voake

Christopher Owens has always been adept at bringing sounds from the past into his present work, and in his new video for "Nothing More Than Everything to Me" — off his second solo album, September 30th's A New Testament — the ex-Girls leader reaches back to another era visually with help from director Max Minghella (the son of Oscar-winning visionary Anthony Minghella). Rolling Stone tagged along for the two-day shoot in Los Angeles to get a behind-the-scenes look at how the clip — featuring kids, school scenes and a classic high-school dance — came together. Check out our exclusive photos, with commentary from Owens:

Erik Voake

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"It's good to see Max smiling there. This whole video was his idea, his story board. To shoot it all in a day took a bit of planning, and I'm sure he had to have been stressed, but it didn't show. Happy faces all around up there."

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