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At Home With Carrie Brownstein

Images from our photo shoot at the ‘Portlandia’ star’s house in Portland

Carrie Brownstein

We Are The Rhoads Rolling Stone Carrie Brownstein

We are The Rhoads

In the new issue of Rolling Stone, Carrie Brownstein talks about her unlikely journey from shredding onstage with Sleater-Kinney to getting laughs on IFC's Portlandia. We photographed the multi-talented singer-guitarist-comedian at home in Portland, where she's lived for more than a decade. Read on for outtakes from the RS photo shoot, plus Carrie's commentary on life in Portland – and read our full profile from the latest issue of the magazine here.

Photos by We Are the Rhoads

Interview by Simon Vozick-Levinson

Carrie Brownstein

We are The Rhoads

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Despite fans' hopes, Brownstein says she is unsure whether Sleater-Kinney will reunite in the near future; meanwhile, her band Wild Flag closed up shop after one excellent album released in 2011, and Portlandia and her memoir keep her plenty busy. But even though she doesn't have an active band at the moment, Brownstein still plays lots of music at home. "I play guitar a lot, actually," she says. "I really like it. And being friends with people that play guitar really well, I don't want to lose that skill. I don't want to be, like, a hobbyist with guitar – someone who pulls out an acoustic guitar at a party or something. That's very unappealing. I want to be able to play well."

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