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Adele’s 10 Funniest Moments

From pranks to photobombs, here are some moments worthy of the singer’s famous cackle

Adele Best Pranks

Adele's "Carpool Karaoke" with James Corden became a favorite partly due to the singer's take on Spice Girls hits.

Craig Sugden/CBS

Adele’s music may be largely serious and earnest but the singer knows how to let loose, have a good time and make her fans laugh. From staged pranks to off-the-cuff television or live appearances, she is game for anything and doesn’t mind a bit of self-deprecation along the way. As she’s in the middle of the North American leg of her 25 Tour, here are some of Adele’s funniest moments.

Flips Off ‘Suits’ at Brit Awards

After being presented with British Album of the Year by George Michael at the Brit Awards, Adele's speech was cut short because of the show going over time. Host James Corden personally went on stage to apologize and pull Adele off the stage so Blur could perform as the audience booed, but not before the sassy star flipped two birds while walking off – which she later dedicated to the "suits" who run the show.

Thought Man Who Signed Her Was a ‘Pervert’

When a young artist recalls how they got signed to a major label, it's usually told with a certain amount of reverence and recognition that it was the exact moment everything changed. Not Adele, who told the story for the Walmart Soundcheck series. According to her, a friend had posted her demos on MySpace which led to a few emails from a man she thought was a "pervert." Later she realized that her instincts were mistaken and that he was "not a pervert," which led to her deal and debut album 19.

The Laugh

Adele is naturally funny, but her laugh takes all of jokes and best interview moments to the next level. The singer has a distinctly loud cackle that accents all of her reactions and serves as the best exclamation point at the end of any of her punchlines – cracking us up in the process. 

Forgets Lyrics to ‘Million Years Ago’

In the middle of performing "A Million Years Ago," Adele experienced a minor brain fart, forgetting the lyrics to her new song. The singer took it in stride, noting it quickly with an exclamatory "Shit, I forgot the words! Shit, shit shit!" before letting out a boisterous cackle into her microphone as the venue erupted in laughter and applause.

Photobombs Fans

With help from Graham Norton for Entertainment Tonight, Adele surprised fans who were posing with Adele's Oscar statue. The British duo jumped behind the fans quietly with props and weird faces to photobomb all their special photos with the item as none of the fans realized the pair were directly behind them. But they didn't just let all the participants leave without knowing: After the photo was taken, the photographer informed the shocked fans and, luckily, they then got to meet the singer for real.

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