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A Day in the Life of Mr. Met, New York’s Hardest-Working Mascot

He’s got a baseball for a head and he lives at the ballpark…meet Mr. Met, NYC’s best mascot

Mr. Met at the YMCA Jr. Mets Clinic in Bellerose, New York

Alex Pines

After spending two seasons as an illustration, Mr. Met made his major league debut in April 1964, and quickly became a sensation: as the first live-action mascot of the modern era (sorry, San Diego Chicken) he not only revolutionized the game of baseball, but gave Mets fans something to cheer about during those lousy early seasons.

Much like the franchise he represents, Mr. Met's experienced tremendous highs and crushing lows in the four decades since. He met his life partner, Mrs. Met, had three children, and rose to the top of his profession. But for nearly 20 years, he was benched by the team, disappearing from games and promotional material. The Mets even briefly replaced him with a mule.

Through it all, Mr. Met kept smiling, and due to popular demand, he made his triumphant return to MLB in the mid-nineties. Since then, he's become a cult icon and (quite possibly) the most popular non-athlete in baseball. Though he's not one to rest on his laurels…as Rolling Stone discovered when we spent a day with the hardest-working mascot in the bigs.

Mr. Met The Mets

Alex Pines

Have Gun, Will Travel

Mr. Met and his trusty T-shirt cannon. Though selfies have become increasingly popular ("This is the year of the selfie," one of his handlers tells us), based on enthusiasm alone, it appears that fans still prefer a T-shirt above all else. You know, 'cause it's fired out of a cannon.

Mr. Met The Mets

Alex Pines

Hit the Showers

A dejected Mr. Met heads to the locker room after watching his team lose 4-1 to the Nationals, their 11th straight loss at Citi Field to their division rivals. The next night, however, the Mets would get back to their (occasionally) winning ways, defeating the Chicago Cubs 3-2.

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