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A Day in Paradise: Exclusive Photos of Jamie Jones

Follow the Welsh DJ before and after a gig in Los Angeles

Jamie Jones, DJ, EDN

Erik Voake

House innovator Jamie Jones let Rolling Stone's cameras trail him for a day as he prepped for EDM's big week in Miami and played a gig in L.A. Here's the narrative of his day, in his own words:

"I'm a real pacer when on the phone, can't take a call whilst sitting down. I spend as much time as I can looking out over the city when I'm here, it's an inspiring view for me, makes me really want to create things."

Jamie Jones, DJ, EDM

Erik Voake

Head Trip

"Ever since Coachella last year, where someone made a huge cut out head of me on a stick and had it on the dance floor all night, this cut out head has followed me to a few gigs on the West Coast. Here it is again in multiple!"

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