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7 Perfectly-Scored Wes Anderson Scenes

From Bowie to Bobby Fuller, music supervisor Randall Poster shares his favorite pairings

Randall Poster

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According to the Guild of Music Supervisors, the job traditionally includes "locating, securing and overseeing music-related talent. . . to meet the needs of a project's director." But an insider's account of the profession reveals a much sexier and ambitious role, one that has sent Grammy-winner Randall Poster‚ Wes Anderson's right-hand man since 1992‚ as far afield as the Asian subcontinent. Take, for example, his first-hand account of compiling The Darjeeling Limited's score in the mid-00's: "Wes knew that he wanted to use music from the films of [Indian filmmaker] Satyajit Ray. And that forced me to travel to Calcutta to try and find these recordings, because it wasn't like you could go to Tower Records — there still was a Tower Records at that point — and buy all the great Indian film scores."

Stream Wes Anderson's 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' Soundtrack

Later this year, to celebrate their 22-year partnership, ABKCO Records will release a box set of the duo's 10 soundtracks, including Seu Jorge's underground favorite The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions. (The company also just released the soundtrack to Anderson's eighth film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, on March 3rd.) "It's really been quite an adventure," says Poster of his work alongside Anderson. "Both of us really relish that." Now, with Anderson's latest feature opening on March 7th, Poster shares his seven favorite pairings from his friend's filmography. By Blaine McEvoy

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The Bobby Fuller Four’s “Let Her Dance” From ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’

"I first played this song for Wes 10 years ago. But at the time we both said, 'Well, let's put this one away and save it.' I actually wiped it from of my iTunes libraries because I never wanted anyone else to hear it or even know about it. Years later, when we were making Fantastic Mr. Fox, I said to Wes, 'Let's pull Bobby Fuller out of the safe.' And there it was. That's still one of my favorite moments — and one of my favorite songs too."

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Françoise Hardy’s “Le Temps de l’Amour” From ‘Moonrise Kingdom’

"Wes and I were working on a Japanese cell phone commercial that called for various French pieces. That's when we came upon Françoise Hardy. And just like 'Let Her Dance' earlier, that was another time when Wes said, 'Whoa. Let's put this one away.' So we did. Actually, we still have a number of songs in our safe that we're saving for just the right moment."

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