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7 Musicians’ Podcasts You Need to Hear

From Questlove’s funky deep dives to the Osbourne clan revisiting their peak TV moments

7 Musicians' Podcasts You Need to Hear

From Questlove's funky deep dives to the Osbourne clan revisiting their peak TV moments, here are seven musician podcasts you need to hear.

With Cocaine and Rhinestones offering up so many incredible stories about some country-music legends, we also decided to spotlight some excellent podcasts made by the artists themselves. Some like to recall moments from their own storied pasts, others like to conduct interviews with musicians they find interesting in an effort to learn everything they can about them. Here are seven of the best, from Questlove’s funky interview odysseys to Henry Rollins’ accounts of some of his most incredible stories.

Chris Shiflett’s ‘Walking the Floor’

Format: Shiflett sounds both homey and warm while talking with his guests about guitar, country music and touring.

Schedule: Biweekly

Why They’re Doing It: “The initial idea was to interview was many older musicians connected with the Bakersfield sound but now it’s just people I’m a huge fan of,” he says. “The problem was there just weren’t a whole lot of those folks around anymore. So I started cold-calling people. My podcast is obviously about Americana, country and roots-based music. Now I just pick people I’m a huge fan of.”

Best Moments: Steve Earle talking about fishing with locals while on tour with Jackson Browne, and Chris Stapleton talking guitar while his road crew thuds around his stage before soundcheck. “Is Snoop opening for you today?” Shiflett asks when a particularly bassy sound bleeds into their interview as Stapleton laughs.

Best Guests: “I got to interview Merle Haggard not long before he passed away, and that was a really big one for me just from a fan’s point of view,” he says. “I was so nervous going into it, because he had a reputation of being kind of a hard-ass with journalists. But he was so nice and so welcoming and hospitable and talked to me for a really long time – it couldn’t have gone better. From, like, Chris Stapleton and Jason Isbell to Steve Earle and Rodney Crowell and Marty Stuart, it’s just people I’m a fan of. We’ve been lucky.”

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