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54 Most Anticipated Albums of 2018

New music from Justin Timberlake, Jack White and Cardi B, and other records we can’t wait to hear

It’s that time of year, when we take a breather from the onslaught of last year’s releases and start speculating about what’s in store once this one starts heating up. If half the scheduled, reported and rumored new albums we’re expecting actually materialize, 2018 is going to be nuts. Major pop artists like Liam Payne, Frank Ocean, Ariana Grande and Sky Ferreira are prepping LPs, as are beloved veteran rockers from Bruce Springsteen to Paul McCartney and Jack White, and indie-rock heroes like the Breeders, My Bloody Valentine and Superchunk. Here’s a rundown of everything we know about what’s on the way.  

Portal, 'Ion'

Gary Miller/Getty Images


Album: Ion
Release Date: January 26th
At times more a performance-art experiment than a metal band, Portal have made a name for themselves by dressing up over the years as executioners (or in the case of vocalist the Curator, a grandfather clock) and recording avant-garde overtures that could serve as a soundtrack to either a Saw movie or a Francis Bacon painting. The band’s sound, a bit like death metal rearranged in a blender in the middle of a séance, has earned them high-profile fans such as Pantera vocalist Phil Anselmo. Ion will be the long-running Australian group’s fifth LP and first full-length since their brilliant, mind-bending Vexovoid. Judging from the spooky teaser video they released for the album and the jagged juggernaut that is the album’s “Phreqs,” the record will be a worthy follow-up.

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