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50 Top Tweeters in Music

Whether it’s Kanye West or M.I.A., these effusive folks deliver entertainment 140 characters at a time

Rock stars, of course, express themselves through music. But Twitter, the perfect forum for anyone with a big ego, atrocious grammar and a smartphone, has proven a natural fit for these effusive souls. We've now read enough tweets about tour grub, philosophies of life and Persian rugs the cost of compact cars that we felt compelled to offer this guide to music's top Tweeters. Click through for the folks to follow.

By Amos Barshad


Tyler, the Creator


Why You Should Follow Him: The leader of divisive teen blog-rap cult heroes Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, Tyler uses Twitter to promote his crew's fuck-the-world mentality. Uses the 'F' word constantly, which is something he will hopefully grow out of.

Characteristic Tweets:

"Jews Are Fucking Cool"


Jordan Strauss/WireImage


50 Cent


Why You Should Follow Him: The obvious inspiration is Kanye's Twitter: wildly braggy and deeply odd, 50's feed perfectly reflects the common perception of the remarkably self-aware rapper. During the recent New York City snow storm, 50 tweeted photos of him shoveling with neighborhood children for money.

Characteristic Tweets:
"Have you ever met some one who was so smart you couldn't understand half the s**t they were saying?"

"BBH billionaire brother hood I'm connected, I'm respected,I got my hustle perfected. Ill show you what I'm talking about. Lol"

"I did the NAACP awards announcements this morning. It was cool I had fun doing it."

Joe Kohen/WireImage




Why You Should Follow Him: Missives direct from the multifaceted life of the itinerant DJ and producer. One good way of figuring out what to get into on any given Friday night is to check his feed to see what he's doing, and then doing it too.

Characteristic Tweets:
"Vegas wuz amazing I hope I dint git aids"

"I'm on stage look @me"

"weirdest 24 hours of my life.. u guys can read about it in my autobiography ill write when im 55"

Neil Mockford/WireImage


Mike Skinner (The Streets)


Why You Should Follow Him: Almost exclusively links to new songs or in-studio videos, plus mini-rants against predictive texting. Maintains healthy and open fan communication channels.

Characteristic Tweets:
"i love you all. i am going to cuddle you in whatever o2 academy or apollo i encounter you in febuary"

"the tron daft punk album is blowing my mind. nothing but synthesizers set to a 160 piece cinematic orchestra. NEXT LEVEL"

Matt Kent/WireImage




Why You Should Follow Him: Can be an eyesore at times, overrun with self-promotion, @'s and re-tweets. But, at its best, this feed is the world's greatest (free) self-help seminar.

Characteristic Tweets:
"'Say it straight, simple, and with a smile' -the tag on my yogi tea"

"Whatever you most love to do is what you will do best. – R.Marston #LTTP BE YOUR BEST TODAY!!!!!"

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Best Coast


Why You Should Follow Her: Bethany Cosentino, the gabby marijuana aficionado behind Best Coast, is insular and scattershot. Her boyfriend, Wavve's Nathan Williams, and her indie-rock celebrity cat Snacks (who, of course, has his own Twitter) are recurring characters.

Characteristic Tweets:
"Omg teen mom makes me so sad. Teenagers are so mean to their parents! Sorry mom and dad for being a mean teen once!"

"why do i even waste my time getting manicures? i peel the polish off after 1 day!"

Neilson Barnard/Getty


Ezra Koenig (Vampire Weekend)


Why You Should Follow Him: The sharply dressed Vampire Weekend front man plays the gleeful smart-aleck on his feed, bantering with fans and Tweeting links to listings for Ying Yang Twins live shows.

Characteristic Tweets:
"wowwww. are u excited 4 "Hall Pass"? saw the trailer b4 Lil Fockers, looks pretty good"

"Silver dollar pancake inflation is out of control. That shit is bigger than a DVD."

Karl Walter/Getty


Patrick Carney (The Black Keys)


Why You Should Follow Him: Via adorable music videos, self-effacing Colbert Report appearances, and a gang of other delightful little moments paraded out during their breakout year, the Black Keys revealed that there are two huge clowns behind all that razor-sharp blues-rock. In between carrying on conversations with his pals and re-tweeting LeBron James, Carney — the drumming half of the duo — keeps the good times rolling with irreverent non-sequiturs.

Characteristic Tweets:
"Who wants to finance my tv show pilot about a bald male judge and an ice queen judge who date each others kids. It's called overruled."

"How many perverts are watching everyone loves Raymond?"

"Omg! You ever really think about how big the universe is? It's insane it's really big (I think) lol. But I think it must be right? "

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Raymond Boyd/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty


?uestlove (The Roots)


Why You Should Follow Him: The legend of ?uestlove's hyperactive Twitter account runs far and wide, and for good reason: presented in unfiltered stream-of-consciousness style — full of stray observations, gentle shit-talking, and great tips on songs — the feed is a constant marvel.

Characteristic Tweets:
"wowsers. ginnifer goodwin is a whole new woman. looks incredible on @latenightjimmy. can't wait for last season of big love."

"we aint been this hype in our rehearsal room since "straight outta compton" #killingROSANNA"

Ben Hider/Getty


Kanye West


Why You Should Follow Him: The Greatest Twitter Feed of All Time has gone into semi-dormancy since the release of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, but hopefully the promotional run for Watch the Throne, 'Ye's album with Jay-Z, will bring it roaring back. Calculatedly quotable Tweets about fur pillows and jogging in Lanvin prove the best Kanye parody is currently being executed by Kanye himself.

Characteristic Tweets:
"I thought LOL signified a joke… I didn't get the 2011 LOL doesn't signify a joke anymore memo… LOL or something else I guess "

"I'm working 30 hours a day at least #LOUIETWEETS"

"I've finally realized as long as you use profanity when you talk about art and fashion it's better accepted!!!"

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