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50 Best Things We Saw at SXSW 2015

Fetty Wap’s one-song knockout, T-Pain’s triumphant comeback, Willie Nelson’s awesome tour bus and more

The Districts and Migos

The Districts and Migos

Kyle Dean Reinford; Theonepointeight

The South by Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas, is filled with excess: thousands of shows, thousands of music fans, an uncountable number of plates of BBQ. If something at SXSW is worth doing, it's worth overdoing — a premise breakout star Courtney Barnett lived out by doing eight sets before flying home to Australia. This year, the festival dialed down a bit on superstar appearances — possibly out of safety concerns after last year's tragic hit-and-run deaths — but there was still plenty of must-see action. Our team of writers and photographers fanned out across the city, finding the very best Austin had to offer. Here are 50 of our highlights, from a surprise appearance by T-Pain to avocado fries.

The HillBenders

Nicole Fara Silver

Best Bluegrass Who: The HillBenders

You haven't heard "Acid Queen" until you've seen it sung by a bearded man with a mandolin. Covering the Who's Tommy in its entirety as a "bluegrass opry" for an enthusiastic rain-soaked crowd in the backyard of Threadgill's on Saturday was a genius move (and a much better idea than having Ken Russell direct 1975's Tommy movie). They faithfully replicated the songs, even giving short synopses of the plot at key points, but embellished them with banjo, mandolin and dobro to give the music an extra moonshine kick. The HillBenders, a talented five-piece band from Missouri, proved to be the perfect group to execute this "Whograss" concept — although their absence of a fiddle player was felt on "Fiddle About.

The Austin Roller Rink

Nicole Fara Silver

Best Venue: Austin Roller Rink

For 200 costumed skaters, SXSW ended at the Austin Roller Rink, a suburban venue that became Saturday night's most fun after-hours spot. DJs and local bands with names like Wonderbitch (purveyors of a spot-on cover of Bowie's "Let's Dance") soundtracked some great moves and a few spectacular falls, playing from a makeshift stage built so as not to obstruct the all-important arcade games. In the back, children's party rooms were transformed by trippy visuals and experimental electronic music. Vendors offered homemade jewelry and Mexican crystals. Legs: more tired than ever; chakra: slightly less blocked.

Madisen Ward & The Mama-Bear


Best Mother-Son Act: Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear

There are lots of family acts in music history, most often consisting of brothers, who frequently seem to be feuding. Relatively uncommon is the mother-and-son partnership, with a few one-off exceptions, such as Ben Harper with his mom Ellen, Blake Shelton with his mom Dorothy, and Barbra Streisand with her son, Jason Gould. But Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear are a happy exception: a genuine, tightly knit band playing acoustic blues together. Performing at the Pandora Discovery Den at the Gatsby, the duo made the crowd feel like they were gathered around the family kitchen table. Madisen took most of the lead vocals, while his mother, Ruth, laid down a steady guitar groove — they traded musical phrases with the confidence that comes from decades of playing together, creating something beautiful and homemade.

Ultimate Painting


Best Space Odyssey: Ultimate Painting

The two guitarists in London's Ultimate Painting spun their sun-kissed psychedelia far out into the stars, landing on an astral plane where Velvet-y drone met Kinks-y melody. Best of all was the swirling, feedback-warped solo that closed out their set.

Linda Ortega

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Suzanne Cordeiro/Corbis

Best Modern Country Murder Ballad: Lindi Ortega’s “Murder of Crows”

Country singer Lindi Ortega (from Toronto by way of Nashville) updated the old tradition of the murder ballad during a fine set at the Continental Club, singing without remorse about burying her man in the backyard: "Everyone's asking me all over town, if he ran away or if he drowned."

Dolly Parton

guy with dolly parton airbrushed jacket outside of The mowhawk 3/18

Nicole Fara Silver

Best Jacket: Airbrushed Dolly Parton

This tough guy was on point with his clothing decisions, rocking a jacket with Dolly Parton's airbrushed face on the back. Sure, it might have been a little balmy for outerwear on Wednesday night in Austin, but any chance to wear this masterwork is worth minor discomfort.

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