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50 Best Songs of 2017

Cardi B’s money moves, Harry Styles’ classic rock breakout, the record-breaking “Despacito” and more

2017 sucked like no year since 2016. But pop music kept giving us reasons for hope – from Harry Styles’ glam grandeur to Cardi B’s Bronx fire to Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s takeover of middle America. Atlanta trap stars like Migos, Future and 21 Savage slow-rolled out addictive smoked-filled hits. Julia Michaels, Lorde, Tove Styrke and Taylor Swift put their personal stamp on the glistening pop confessional. The pulse of the radio opened a little, via the breezy island beats that powered Drake and Ed Sheeran, or Selena Gomez dubbing in a little Talking Heads on “Bad Liar.” Even rock nostalgia felt more fun than it has in ages, whether it came via Portugal. The Man’s Motown throwback jam, the blurry Nineties-punk recollections of of Charli Bliss and Diet Cig or veterans like U2 and Beck making music that updated their classic moves. Here are our 50 favorites.

50 best songs of 2017

J Balvin and Willy William, “Mi Gente”

With the public primed by global pop crossover “Despacito,” French producer Willie William drops an infectiously forlorn synth-horn riff and rattling beat, while Colombian reggaeton star J Balvin campaigns on an all-inclusive, no-borders party platform.

50 best songs of 2017

Charly Bliss, “Glitter”

A breakup song that’s as self-lacerating as it is self-liberating, this pogo-along track from the New York grunge-pop trio Charly Bliss uses the sweet-and-sour contrast of Eva Hendricks’ coo to showcase the high-pitched conflict of dating someone who’s a little bit too much like you.

50 best songs of 2017

Calvin Harris feat. Frank Ocean, Migos, “Slide”

Swaying summer escapism expertly done by Harris, who gooses the dance-pop groove with a bumpy bass line, and Frank Ocean, whose coos (pitched up for the irresistible kid-like intro) cast an esoteric melodic spell. Bonus: Quavo casually escorts you to the bridge where Offset gruffly exclaims, “Good gracious!”

50 best songs of 2017

Tee Grizzley, “First Day Out”

Detroit rapper Tee Grizzley went to jail in 2014 as a former Michigan State University freshman; and shortly after emerging he became one of 2017’s most astonishing, emotive new rap stars. Recorded, literally, on his first day out (and reportedly while he was still in his prison clothes), Tee Grizzley unleashes a spill of thoughts finessed through months of updating – a detail-filled, technically nimble rap full of joy and pain.

50 best songs of 2017

Superorganism, “Something For Your M.I.N.D.”

Somebody loves the squishy sample-pop of Beck or Gorillaz as much as they love weed! Though the mostly U.K.-based group has eight members, this scoop of hybrid gelato sounds as if coy Japanese singer Orono could’ve whipped it up while still half-asleep after a nap.

50 best songs of 2017

DJ Khaled feat. Rihanna, Bryson Tiller, “Wild Thoughts”

A Palestinian-American producer and a Caribbean-Canadian songwriter sample a collaboration between a Nineties Haitian hip-hopper and Sixties Mexican-American rock icon. A Barbadian pop star tries on her old school New York rapper shoes and a Southern trap&B upstart adds come-ons via references to Jason Voorhees and The Waterboy. An undeniable pop moment transcending region, genre, time and taste.

50 best songs of 2017

Charli XCX, “Boys”

A daydreaming player’s addictive apologia to her girlfriends by the chameleonic British pop heroine. The nursery-rhyme toy-synth melody sinks its hooks in instantly. But the all-star beefcake video doubled its punch, with the singer directing a harem of hotties (including Joe Jonas, Ty Dolla Sign, Jack Antonoff and Mac DeMarco) to show their stuff.

50 best songs of 2017

Spoon, “Hot Thoughts”

A sweaty funk-rock jam that puts a laser focus on Spoon frontman Britt Daniel’s sneering, smoldering sexiness. This delicious dancefloor detour from the Austin rock lifers conjures jittery tension from droning synths, frantic riffs and shrewdly deployed cowbell.

50 best songs of 2017

Arcade Fire, “Everything Now”

What’s got Win Butler’s goat this time? Everything! He and his Canadian confrères cope with the daily onslaught of bad news by going full ABBA. It’s a perfectly bittersweet pop gem — a “Dancing Queen” for the end of the world.

50 best songs of 2017

Taylor Swift, “Call It What You Want”

Tay’s pre-Reputation release singles were all over the place, from the playfully clever “Gorgeous” to the cranky “Look What You Made Me Do,” but this one turned out to capture the vibrant spirit of the album – a stark synth-pop love song about how sometimes all the social media you need is the direct connection between two people.

50 best songs of 2017

Diet Cig, “Sixteen”

The New York duo turn in a timeless tale of adolescent confusion: “When I was 16, I dated a boy with my own name/It was weird,” Alex Luciano sings. Then the song bursts into punky exuberance, just the way most teen lows eventually turn into highs, given enough years. It’s a far better song than that other Alex, who sounds like a tool, deserves.

50 best songs of 2017

Beck, “Dear Life”

The lyrics are about inertia and ennui – two of Beck’s favorite topics, dating back to “Loser” – but the song is a blissful rush, spiraling up into a spaced-out fantasia with shades of Brian Wilson and the Beatles. A decade or two ago, Beck might have delivered this song with a shrug and a smirk; now he’s confident enough to let its pop beauty stand unruffled.

50 best songs of 2017

Lil Uzi Vert, “XO Tour Llif3”

It says something about this dreary year that one of its defining successes was a numb, drugged-out emo-rap sulkathon centered on the lines “Push me to the edge/All my friends are dead.” Then again, Lil Uzi’s insouciant delivery guarantees that you can’t help singing along by the time the chorus hits. As Sinatra once said, that’s llif3!

50 best songs of 2017

Julia Michaels, “Uh Huh”

Michaels is an indispensable Top 40 songwriter – that’s her in the credits of the Selena Gomez song coming up at Number 12. She’s just as dazzling front and center on this breathless ode to an affair that’s much too hot to take it slow. “It’s rare when the panic in my mind feels so damn good,” she gasps. The song’s damn good, too.

50 best songs of 2017

Drake, “Passionfruit”

Only Drake would look at a tasty tropical fruit and see a metaphor for a girlfriend’s passive aggression. But that’s why we love him: At his best, which includes this wonderfully leisurely R&B/house groove, he makes long-simmering resentment sound sexy. “Passionfruit” might be his coolest, calmest kiss-off ever.

50 best songs of 2017

LCD Soundsystem, “Call the Police”

Seven minutes of strangely liberating synth-funk paranoia from the masters of dancing through the bad vibes. LCD leader James Murphy played on David Bowie’s Blackstar last year, and you can hear what that taught him ­— he sounds like the Thin White Duke’s nervy American cousin, zonked out on the 2017 blues.

50 best songs of 2017

Ed Sheeran, “Shape of You”

Sheeran famously considered giving this one away to Rihanna before deciding to keep it for himself. Smart guy! With its irresistible marimba beat and its unpretentious vision of seduction (which other pop star would cue up Van the Man in the club?), it’s no wonder “Shape of You” was a record-breaking smash.

50 best songs of 2017

Selena Gomez, “Bad Liar”

Stop making sense, indeed. America’s sweetheart bites a New Wave bassline from the Talking Heads and turns it into a fiendishly clever tale of addictive lust. Whether Selena is whispering, cooing or belting it out, she makes every moment of “Bad Liar” prove that this girl’s got her feelings on fire.

50 best songs of 2017

Tove Styrke, “Say My Name”

A fiendishly catchy song about an instant crush, sung with wild Nordic verve by this onetime Swedish Idol also-ran. “Say my name/Wear it out like a sweater that you love,” Styrke teases just before the playful digital-guitar riff hits. It’s the best pop hook about cozy winterwear since Weezer’s “Undone (The Sweater Song).”


Future, “Mask Off”

Future Hendrix gets bold as love with his “Percocets/Molly, Percocets” chant, going off about his Rick James chains and pink molly over that eerie jazz-flute loop. The Kendrick remix brings “Mask Off” to a new level as he declares himself the incarnation of Prince and yells, “Get your ass up and be inspired!” 

50 best songs of 2017

Lana Del Rey feat. the Weeknd, “Lust for Life”

Del Rey’s Cali-goth empire stretches out past the Hollywood sign and deep into the desert of the soul on this darkly lustrous duet with fellow sad-eyed beauty the Weeknd. “We’re having too much fun,” she sings, savoring every second as slow-dissolve girl-group-boom-bap pulls them under. 

50 best songs of 2017

Portugal. The Man, “Feel It Still”

A long-running bunch of rock dudes from Portland suddenly stumble across pop gold with the year’s slickest and glossiest Motown trip. “Feel It Still” reaches back to the frantic mod sweat of vintage Detroit soul, with the unlikely hook: “Oooo, I’m a rebel just for kicks/I’ve been feeling it since 1966.”

50 best songs of 2017

Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee feat. Justin Bieber, “Despacito”

The year’s biggest hit is also one of the year’s best – a seductive reggaeton groove that took the beat of San Juan to Middle America. “Despacito” took over the Number One spot on the charts and refused to let go all summer, becoming your suburban grandmother’s favorite Spanish-language song since “La Bamba.”

50 best songs of 2017

Migos feat. Lil Uzi Vert, “Bad and Boujee”

The Atlanta crew landed one of the year’s most ubiquitous hits, setting out to reach the bourgeois and rock the boulevard. Offset, Quavo and special guest Lil Uzi Vert toast the pleasures of new money over the Metro Boomin bass, switching their flows like clothes and ordering the chicken with blue cheese.

50 best songs of 2017

Kevin Mazur/Getty


U2, “Lights of Home”

No one does redemption like U2. “I shouldn’t be here ’cause I should be dead,” Bono growls over a gnarly, Stones-y riff from the Edge. It’s a hell of an opening statement, followed closely by a defiant declaration: “I believe my best days are ahead.” Everything that makes this band great is here, from that fighting spirit to the skyhook of a chorus that takes it all home. 

50 best songs of 2017

Cardi B, “Bodak Yellow”

How exactly did we get over before we had Cardi B in our lives? The self-proclaimed “strip club Mariah Carey” blew up worldwide with “Bodak Yellow,” announcing her arrival with her raw Bronx flow: “Got a bag and fixed my teeth/Hope you hoes know it ain’t cheap.” Cardi doesn’t dance now – she makes money moves, stomping her haters in bloody shoes. Like the lady says, only the real can relate.

50 best songs of 2017

Kendrick Lamar, “Humble.”

The greatest rapper alive goes for the kind of achievement that didn’t seem to interest him until now – a pop hit – and scores his first Number One with a hilariously defiant ode to realness, with a track to match from producer Mike Will Made It. For all the pop finesse, “Humble.” sounds as real as ass with some stretch marks.


Lorde, “Homemade Dynamite”

Awesome, right? Lorde had an astounding breakthrough with Melodrama, but “Homemade Dynamite” is her heart-breaking peak, a nervously sexy synth-pop thriller about meeting a kindred spirit at a party. They share a moment of dancing with their shoes off and telling each other their best lies, while that Swedish electro beat sparkles like broken glass. “Homemade Dynamite” got a killer remix featuring Khalid, SZA and Post Malone, but it’s Lorde’s eccentric whisper that holds the track together, right down to the moment where she simulates the sound of all that dynamite in her heart going off: “Poooof!” She celebrates a moment of dance-floor eye contact as a thrill worth savoring in itself.


Harry Styles, “Sign of the Times”

In case anyone out there thought the One Direction star was going to play it safe in his solo move, Harry Styles shut up any doubters with his first solo single. “Sign of the Times” made an instant splash – an eccentric piano ballad stretching to nearly six minutes, aiming for Bowie/Queen levels of glam grandeur, with Styles hitting heavenly high notes as he broods on death and rebirth. “Sign of the Times” just grew in resonance as the year went on. The reckless ambition of the song is only part of what’s brilliant about it – the confidence and empathy in his voice just keep surging as the music builds. Styles was the only rock star all year to aim for such a giant sound, with a giant-hearted song to match. A high-risk move for sure – but only this guy could have imagined “Sign of the Times” and then made it real.

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