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30 Most Embarrassing Rock-Star Arrests

Wang-waving! Naked driving! And oh so much marijuana.

Trashing rooms. Exploding toilets. Driving a Lincoln Continental into a hotel swimming pool … while naked. When rock stars get arrested, they really go big. (And that was just Keith Moon! In a single night!). Here's 29 more of the most humiliating times big stars got busted.

marilyn manson


Marilyn Manson

On the night of July 30th, 2001, a 25-year-old security guard named Joshua Keasler unwittingly became a star in Marilyn Manson's dope show. While working the front of the stage at Michigan's DTE Energy Music Theatre during a Manson performance, Keasler was grabbed from behind by the singer, who then proceeded to use the guard as his own personal stripper pole, spitting on him, wrapping his legs around his neck and rubbing his g-string clad crotch on Keasler's head. Manson was charged with misdemeanor assault and battery and criminal sexual conduct, the latter of which can carry a multi-year jail sentence. But a judge later reduced the sexual conduct charge — a fourth-degree felony — to one of misdemeanor disorderly conduct, reasoning that, at least in his estimation, Manson hadn't gained any sexual gratification from the act.