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30 Best Music Documentaries on Netflix Streaming This Instant

From the Beatles to Big Star, Philip Glass to Ice Cube, here’s 30 great docs you can watch right now


From Ken Burns' 10-volume jazz odyssey to Ice Cube's 51-minute meditation on the L.A. Raiders, Netflix offers no shortage of excellent music content to stream immediately. Most of the rock doc classics (Don't Look Back, Gimme Shelter, The Last Waltz, Wild Style) require you to utilize your DVD queue (or hit your local rental store), but here are the 30 best options if you need a fix right now.

By Reed Fischer, Caryn Ganz, Richard Gehr, Kory Grow, Keith Harris, Will Hermes, Daniel Kreps, James Montgomery, Jason Newman, Mosi Reeves, Julianne Escobedo Shepherd, Al Shipley and Christopher R. Weingarten

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1. ‘Style Wars’

Produced for PBS television in 1983, the late director Tony Silver and photographer Henry Chalfant's Style Wars is the defining document of the graffiti artists that worked parallel with New York's fledging rap music– capturing hip-hop culture in all its unfiltered, grimy glory. There's Dez bragging about his "styyyyllle," Skeme arguing with his mother over his stated goal to "destroy all lines," Mayor Ed Koch unveiling his "Graffiti is for Chumps" ad campaign at a press conference and the Rock Steady Crew battling the Dynamic Rockers at Club USA. Vintage scenes of trains tagged with Vaughn Bode characters; teenage B-boys body-rocking in basketball courts; and a soundtrack featuring classic joints (Rammellzee and K-Rob, Trouble Funk, the Fearless Four) make this an essential period piece.

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