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20 R&B Albums Rolling Stone Loved in the 1970s You Never Heard

We praised them 40 years ago — and you should listen to them today!

The Supremes and Luther Ingram

The Supremes and Luther Ingram

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Soul, funk, and gospel; solo acts and 17-person bands; backing singers striving for stardom and stars doing albums that are largely forgotten today. In the Seventies, Rolling Stone reviewed hundreds and hundreds of R&B albums — it was inevitable that some of them would be amazing but slip through the cracks of musical history, even LPs by the Supremes and the Jackson 5. These are 20 R&B discs that we loved, even if they’ve since been forgotten by most people outside the singers’ immediate families.

the supremes

The Supremes, ‘Touch’

You might have stopped paying attention to the Supremes after Diana Ross went solo in 1970, but although they were no longer a steady source of Number One hits, they had eight Top 40 singles in the Seventies after her departure. And working with various Motown second-stringers, they made some of their strangest, most memorable music. We said Touch, the third Supremes album with Jean Terrell on lead vocals, was "an unqualified success and the final proof that the Supremes will continue without Diana Ross." Which they did — until 1977.

What We Said Then: "New lead singer Jean Terrell proves too smart to imitate her predecessor and in the space of only a year and a half has succeeded in making the group over in her own image. Gone is the cooingly adolescent sexuality of Miss Ross and in its place is a fuller and more adult approach to both music and life. The hallmark of Miss Terrell's style, like that of so many of the best Motown artists, is an enormous sense of dignity, pride, and class." — Jon Landau, RS 87 (July 22nd, 1971)

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