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20 Best Chicago House Records

In honor of the legendary Frankie Knuckles, the 20 greatest singles from the booming movement he helped create

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Nearly every variation of the untz played in today's festivals and clubs owes something to the recently departed legend Frankie Knuckles, the DJ and producer who helped foment the early, classic version of house in Chicago. But Knuckles wasn't the only influential producer in this era, which spanned the Eighties and early Nineties. Here's a look at 20 essential Chicago house records – by Knuckles and others – that serve as required listening for any devoted student of dance music.

By Arielle Castillo, Geeta Dayal and Keith Harris

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Cajmere – “Coffee Pot (It’s Time For the Percolator)” (1992)

Curtis A. Jones ditched grad school in the early Nineties, returning from Berkeley's chemical engineering program to Chicago, where he establishing his own label, Cajual, and began producing under the name Cajmere. The electronic burble here, adorned with a synth whine and whipped into shape with a snare thwap, might first suggest Pac-Man squooshes if the voice repeating the subtitle didn't remind you what was brewing. Neither as far out nor comically dark as the meta-commentaries on club life Jones would release under the name Green Velvet, but the playful ingenuity of "Coffee Pot" helped spearhead the second wave of house in Jones' hometown.