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18 Amazing Pieces of Lady Gaga Fan Art

Check out these beautiful portraits that show a wide range of fantastic talent

Lady Gaga

With Lady Gaga's new album Artpop arriving this week, the pop star continues to push forward her artistic vision to her rabid fanbase. Over the years, that fanbase has been quite adept at creating their own "artpop" around Gaga's image. The caliber of this fan art ranges from amateur to extraordinary, as countless hours are spent capturing and re-imagining each of her style evolutions. Gaga pays her fans back by occasionally retweeting their work, and even exceptionally talented devotees, such as Helen Green, have even earned coveted positions in Haus of Gaga, which entails projects like designing illustrations for Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation and and the Born Brave Bus Tour. Sound like a fun gig? These aren't simple notebook doodles: Here are some of the most amazing and avant garde examples of art devoted to Lady Gaga. —Laura Li

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