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10 Songs You Didn’t Know Ed Sheeran Wrote

The Weeknd, Justin Bieber and more

Ed Sheeran; 10 songs you didn't know wrote

Ed Sheeran wrote many songs for other artists.

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Ed Sheeran hasn't yet released a Number One single in the U.S. under his own name – "Thinking Out Loud" stalled at Number Two thanks to the unstoppable "Uptown Funk." However, this February a song Sheeran wrote with Justin Bieber, "Love Yourself," ended up topping the charts. In fact, you've been hearing songs that Sheeran wrote for and with other artists for years, whether you've known it or not. Here are 10 of the most noteworthy.

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Taylor Swift, “Everything Has Changed” (2012)

Though Taylor Swift has collaborated with top-shelf songwriters from Nashville pro Liz Rose to Swedish pop mastermind Max Martin, Sheeran is among the few who also sang a duet with her. The two wrote "Everything Has Changed" at Swift's home, where, according to Sheeran, he questioned a chord Swift wanted to use. She responded to his challenge playfully, pointing to her shelf full of Grammys, but he held his ground: "She didn't like that but I forced it upon her." The session was playful, with the two superstars completing the song while bouncing on Swift's newly purchased trampoline – because, as Swift told MTV, "The combined maturity of us is like eight years old."

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One Direction, “Little Things” (2012)

As a songwriter, Sheeran got in on the ground floor of the 1D world takeover, contributing "Moments" to the group's debut, Up All Night. Two of his songs appeared on the group's second album, including this sweetly teasing ballad, which he offered them at the very last minute. "I wrote that song with … Fiona Bevan when I was 17 and we lost the song," Sheeran said at the time. Years later, Bevan found it and sent a copy to Sheeran, asking if he recalled writing it – he did and was in the studio with "the One Direction boys" at the time. According to Harry Styles, "We went in to record a different one of his and he said, 'I've written something else if you want to hear it.' … We said, 'All right, we want to record that now.'"

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