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10 New Artists You Need to Know: August 2017

YFN Lucci, Declan McKenna, Jessie Reyez, Knox Fortune and more

10 artist you need to know august declan mckenna femina

Declan McKenna and Fémina are two artists to know this month.

Sophie Green, Eliseo Miciu

Once again, we talked to 10 of the hottest artists who are climbing the charts, breaking the Internet or just dominating our office stereos. This month: “Everyday We Lit” hitmaker YFN Lucci, Chicago producer Knox Fortune, genre-blurring Argentinean trio Fémina and more.

10 artists you need to know dean hurley

Kyle Hurley

Dean Hurley

Sounds Like: Tangerine Dreaming about the Black Lodge

For Fans of: David Lynch, Lustmord, SunnO))), Tim Hecker

Why You Should Pay Attention: Hurley is responsible for much of the dark ambient drones, rumbles, noise and audio fogs that are currently soundtracking parts of David Lynch’s return to Twin Peaks. The 18-track Anthology Resource Vol. 1: △△ collects some shadowy music that assisted with the show’s Lynchian ambience (Hurley also worked on 2006’s Inland Empire). “I think the classical archetype of composing for film where someone sees a rough cut and then they dictate or delineate how the sonic elements or the music of that scene should go … like, that’s definitely not how things happen up here,” says Hurley. “This album of stuff, those would be things that [Lynch] would refer to as ‘firewood.’ He was like, ‘We need some good firewood for this type of thing.’ So it’s oftentimes generating a bunch of stuff, but letting him find places for it.”

He Says: “It was clear that, OK, we’re gonna need some very characteristic electricity elements,” says Hurley about the high-voltage noise blasts on the album titled “Electricity I” and “Electricity II. “When you go and you look through a sound effects library and you listen to things, ostensibly you’ll recognize a lot of stuff. There’s like a shitload of Jacob’s ladder/Dr. Frankenstein-type electricity and you’re like, ‘Yeah, that’s a little too on the nose.’ You might hear other things that just sound lackluster. Or this stuff just doesn’t have the power that I feel like the script is necessitating.

“If I totally broke it down for you and told you how it was done ­– and I will say it was done in a purely analog way – knowing what it is would be a little bit like seeing [a magic trick explained]. I will say part of the technique in working on a lot of this material – and David has taught me this, totally … I personally need to forget how a lot of this stuff was made. Because once I forget what I’m listening to, then I can appreciate it as purely sound.

Hear for Yourself: “Eastern European Symphonic Mood No. 1” is like a György Ligeti piece smeared into ambient tar. Christopher R. Weingarten

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