Enrique Bunbury’s Latest Track ‘Invulnerables’ Is Coursing With New Energy

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Reinvention is a challenge for any artist, particularly one who has been making music for more than three decades. Yet on his latest track “Invulnerables,” Spanish rocker Enrique Bunbury taps into fresh new energy, delivering a song that’s pulsating with a sense of excitement and revival.

Bunbury has always been a renegade in the rock en español scene, so his bold musical decisions aren’t much of a surprise. But part of what makes “Invulnerables” so compelling has to do with the specificities around when it was created: In 2022, Bunbury announced that he’d be launching a final farewell tour before retiring from music due to health and respiratory issues. However, he had to stop the tour mid-way after his condition worsened while he was on the road.


In a statement, Bunbury shared that “Invulnerables” was written during the pause he took. During that hiatus, he focused on composing and creating, coming up with the track. He teamed up with Adan Jodorowsky, the inventive French-Mexican producer who recently worked on Natalia Lafourcade’s album De Todas Las Flores, who produced the track in Mexico City.

The video, released Saturday, was directed by Jose Girl and Sergio Abuja. It follows a couple dancing, with their scenes spliced between footage of Bunbury playing the song in a room with his band. (Jodorowsky actually plays bass on the album as part of the band.) Both the song and the album mark another era for Bunbury, who is planning to release a new album later this year.