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See Melanie Martinez Talk Tim Burton, Love of Horror Movies

Singer wants to work with ‘Beetlejuice’ director on film adaptation of her albums

Melanie Martinez is a visually oriented musician, and on her ambitious, dark and conceptual debut, Cry Baby, she shapes her songs to fit a cinematic story line. Accordingly, entering the film business is a future goal for the former Voice contestant.

“When I’m done with my last album, I want to make a movie with Tim Burton telling the story of all of the albums connected,” she explained to Rolling Stone in a recent interview at East Village toy shop Dinosaur Hill. Martinez is currently in the process of releasing videos for each song off her debut LP, which carries a twisted, childlike narrative, matching much of Burton’s work. “That’s my biggest dream.”

Beyond her goal of working with the esteemed director, the singer-songwriter would also love to explore the world of horror, potentially from behind the camera. “I like scaring myself,” she says with a laugh. If she were to be onscreen herself, though, Martinez knows she would want “to be the scariest character in a horror movie.”


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