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MØ Launches ‘Forever Neverland’ Tour: ‘I Feel So Free!’

Danish pop star on her ‘theatrical’ new tour, her 2018 album and why she’ll always be a Diplo fan

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Fryd Frydendah

For the first time in her career, MØ is about to go all-out with the design of her latest tour. “I don’t want to say it’s a ‘real’ show because every show is a ‘real’ show,” the Danish pop singer explains excitedly, “but we created an actual set-up. We really thought hard about it and worked on it for a long time to make extra things.”

This tour, which launches on January 15th in Washington D.C. (with support from Abra and, later, Mykki Blanco), comes at a pivotal time in MØ’s career. Her most recent album, last year’s Forever Neverland, marked a necessary shift after the immense success of her EDM-tinged Major Lazer collaborations “Lean On” and “Cold Water” — two megahits that set a new course for her sound in the years after her 2014 debut, No Mythologies to Follow.

“Obviously, that opened so many doors,” she says, calling from her home in Copenhagen. “I needed to try out a lot of different kinds of methods, different sounds until I knew what the second album was gonna be like. Maybe without even knowing that that was what I was doing, I think I tried to marry the more current pop sound at the time with [a newer] pop sound.”

With her love of pop leading the way, MØ was also able to go back to her roots in more indie and experimental spaces, with help from kindred songwriting spirits like Diplo and Charli XCX.

“From the moment I met her, I felt like we clicked,” she says of XCX, whom she met in 2014. They worked together on Forever Neverland‘s dance-y, abrasive “If It’s Over,” as well as XCX’s Number 1 Angel track “Porsche.” They began an organic musical friendship, hitting each other up when they were in Los Angeles to write and record, sending tracks and vocals via text. “I just love talking with her because her energy’s great and she always gets you moving forward,” MØ adds. “It’s not this forced thing. It’s always just like ‘Let’s go with the flow, and if it’s not there then fuck it.'”

She sees Diplo, who worked on her breezy Forever Neverland single “Sun in Our Eyes,” as sharing a similar energy. For MØ, he is a modern thinking artist, always coming to her with fresh ideas. Plus, she had been a fan of his work prior to them ever entering a studio together.

“Every time he plays for me a beat or anything, I’m always so drawn to it,” she says of Diplo. “I think I’m just a permanent fangirl of his songs and of his style. He’s been like a mentor to me, on so many levels. I”m thankful for all the stuff he’s done over the years.”

MØ plans to make sure the album and the live experience on her new tour go “hand-in-hand.” She’s plotted “some extra moments and some extra depth” to connect songs from throughout her catalog in a narrative arc. That said, she adds, “I don’t want to get too theatrical, because I think one of the good things about my live shows is its raw energy.”

Her main feeling now that Forever Neverland is in the touring phase of its release is relief. “It took me four and a half years [to write and record],” she says. “I feel almost like a clean sheet. I feel so free in a way. I’m just excited for new times.”

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