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Social Distancing with Kesha: Unpacking Boxes, Reading Auras, Listening to T. Rex

“This time is weird as shit,” says the singer. She’s getting through it with Nineties country and German New Age music


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As the world fights a pandemic, we reached out to some of our favorite artists with three questions about these unprecedented times. Here’s what Kesha, who released her latest album, High Road, in January, had to share via email.

What are you doing with your unexpected time at home?
I have been unpacking boxes that I literally haven’t seen since “Tik Tok” came out. When Animal first came out, I was living in a house up in Laurel Canyon with about 10 other people, and I left to play a couple of shows, that turned into a lot of shows, and then I didn’t come home, back to that home, ever.  I had someone pack me up when I decided that when I came off tour I wanted to come home to Nashville. So these boxes have been from Los Angeles to Nashville and back to Los Angeles without me ever having the time to open them. I’m slowly sorting through my life in boxes. I have so much random shit. I’m also just walking around writing parts of songs, singing, and practicing my aura readings on trees. One of the best places to start developing one’s aura visualization skills …

What music do you turn to in times of crisis for solace and comfort, and why?
T. Rex, The Slider — but also any T. Rex record. If this is the end of times, then I want to have Marc Bolan sing me through it with his whimsical, wobbly voice.

Deuter, “Silence Is the Answer” — he’s a German New Age musician, and his records from the Seventies are quite evil yet peaceful sounding. I like to listen to him when I’m having a bubble bath.


Black Lips, Sing In a World That’s Falling Apart — a pretty apropos title. The record is great and fun. They’re friends of mine and I love this new record. We have a collaboration coming out some time (was Record Store Day but I believe that got postponed …)


Alice Coltrane, Journey In Satchidananda — grounding, beautiful music for any time, all the time.


Deana Carter, “Did I Shave My Legs for This?” Nineties country makes me feel just like, “We’re all gonna be all right.”  And also like, “Damn, I’m not shaving my legs for a while, huh?”

Anything else you want to say to your fans right now?
This time is weird as shit. But we will all get through it together. Staying home and not doing a million things is so uncomfortable, but it’s what has to happen. In the meantime, try to stay healthy, safe, and sane. I think this really made me realize that we’re a global village, our actions affect people we have never met, and the more patience and compassion we can all have for each other, the stronger and closer we all will feel when this is all over. I miss seeing my fans and playing shows right now, but remember that everything is temporary and it’s something that we can all look forward to.  💕

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