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Best of 2015: Joe Jonas and DNCE on ‘Mad Max,’ Other Favorites of Year

Former JoBro and his new funk-pop band detail the movies, TV shows and albums they loved in 2015

DNCE; ReviewDNCE; Review

Joe Jonas and his new band DNCE detailed their favorite music, movies, TV shows and moments of 2015.

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Joe Jonas returned to music this year in a surprising fashion: His new band DNCE sees the former Jonas Brother go funk-pop. Comprised of Jonas on lead vocals, drummer Jack Lawless, bassist Cole Whittle and guitarist JinJoo, the quartet debuted in the later half of the year, sold out a headlining tour and released their bubbly debut EP, SWAAY. Below, all four members of DNCE look back on not only the landmark moments that made their inaugural year as a band so massive, but also reflect on what they loved in their downtime as well.

Favorite Music
Joe Jonas: I’ll have to say Major Lazer, Diplo and Skrillex. Those guys had some amazing songs come out of this year. Whether it was features with other artists, or if it was their own stuff, I was really impressed. I loved the new Disclosure record, [especially] the song “Magnets” with Lorde. And, of course, I think Drake and Adele had really killed it.

Cole Whittle: I really loved the new Tame Impala record. I [still] really love a lot of SBTRKT’s [2014] record, particularly “New Dorp. New York.” with Ezra Koenig on it. I think that’s one of the coolest songs to come out in a long time.

Jack Lawless: I really like the Weeknd’s album. Right now I’m listening to the new Grimes record more than anything else.

JinJoo: I cannot stop listening to Demi Lovato’s Confident album. Her new song “Confident” has been stuck in my head for a long time.

Older Music They’ve Gone Back to This Year
Whittle: I listen to Yeezus about once a week because it’s just really groundbreaking. I always go back to that to make sure that whatever’s coming out now feels fresh. That always feels fresher than a lot of things that come out, to me.

Jonas: I’ve been going back a little bit further than 2013. I love Kenny Rodgers’ music, Earth, Wind & Fire and Hall and Oates. [The artists who] inspired me to make music have been on my playlist quite a bit.

JinJoo: I listen to Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan once in a while – my superhero guitarists’ albums.

Favorite Movies
Jonas: Mad Max was amazing.

Whittle: The only movie that I really loved or even saw this year was Mad Max. I think that’s the only movie I’ve seen in a year, and I saw it three times. I’m a big Mad Max purist, and I used to watch the original movie like four times a week when I was six years old.

JinJoo: I loved Spectre. Such a sick movie that we’ve all been waiting for.

Favorite TV Shows
Jonas: I loved this season of Game of Thrones. Homeland is fantastic. I loved Fargo season two. I thought that that was just unreal.

Whittle: I’m always obsessed with It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Trailer Park Boys. Really sophisticated stuff, I know. And Broad City!

Lawless: I’m pretty obsessed with House of Cards. I also like the show Rick and Morty. I’m only two or three seasons in, but I just discovered it so I’ve been watching a lot of that.

JinJoo: When I watch TV, I literally only watch Animal Planet.

Favorite 2015 Moments
Jonas: The fact that we were able to release our single and the EP and sell out a tour has just been so incredible. These were all feelings we might have felt once before but yet again it’s really overwhelming.

JinJoo: DNCE was born in 2015, and that’s the biggest memory for me. Ever since then, every day was so awesome. We’ve been on this journey for just a few months, but we already have so many memories.

Lawless: I would say some of my favorite memories with the band so far is our first tour. We’d be in the bus or in the van and just be goofing off and texting random, funny shit to each other. The whole thing feels like summer camp. All the little moments we have together have been just as great as playing Madison Square Garden [for Jingle Ball], which is another amazing thing we did this year.

Whittle: I would have to say pretty much every night we play a concert and party together is the highlight of my 2015.

2016 Predictions
Jonas: We’re really excited about the next tour we’re going to be starting up. I’m pretty pumped about the new Star Trek movie. Our friend Tove Lo is going to be working on another record. Her last record was really fantastic so we’re looking forward to her stuff as well.

Lawless: I’m looking forward to touring with DNCE for most of next year and maybe going overseas. I’m not sure if they’re true but I heard rumors that Radiohead is working on a new record so if they put something out next year, I’d be pretty happy about that.

JinJoo: We’ve got some surprise things coming in January and in the next year, and I’m very happy to announce that.

Whittle: I truly believe and look forward to watching and experiencing us becoming one of the biggest bands in the world and play every single night to as many people as we can to the point where we won’t even have time to watch the TV shows that come out. We’ll have to watch them in 2025.

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