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Anne Marie: My Style

The rising British pop star has spent the past year and a half opening shows for her friend Ed Sheeran. Here, she explains her fashion choices

anne marie my style

Will Beach

Anne-Marie’s nostalgic stomper “2002” — which quotes classic lyrics by Britney Spears, ’NSync and Jay-Z — has earned more than 166 million Spotify streams. And her debut LP, Speak Your Mind, packed with sensitively swagged-out dance pop, is a Top 40 hit. So get ready, she probably won’t be a warm-up act for long.

Like “2002,” Anne-Marie’s wardrobe also romanticizes the pre-social-media era, favoring colorful Nineties baggy outfits, plus accessories like fanny packs and bucket hats that she hunts down herself on Etsy and eBay. “It’s a problem,” she admits. “I’m trying to cut back!”

1. Cartier tiny oval sunglasses. “I love to experiment with sunglasses,” says Anne-Marie. “That’s my biggest addiction.” (Find similar styles here).

2. Florence Lamy jacket: “Everyone needs a leather jacket in their wardrobe.”

Items # 1-4. Photographs by Will Beach

3. Revolve socks. (Find it here).

4. Balenciaga sneakers ($895): “The most expensive thing I’ve bought.” (Find them here).

5. Kangol bucket hat. (Find it here).

6. A Supreme suit she customized by cutting the top shorter: “I love high-waisted stuff.”

Items # 5-8. Photographs by Will Beach

7. Eyelash curler: “I like to do my own hair and makeup. It’s relaxing before the show.” (Find it here).

8. Mark Manson’s book The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck: “I stole it from my tour manager. It’s changing my life.” (Find it here).

9. ASOS fanny pack.Find it here ().

Items # 9-11. Photographs by Will Beach

10. Big Babol gum: “It takes me back to my childhood.” (Find it here).

11. “Hello!” hair clip.


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